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Release #29 | Hey everyone!
Hey Everyone!

There no more waiting, we finish some of the releases we promise you. This is just the begging we will be giving you another release soon.

You will be able to read the following projects today:

Look forward more on

Also we will be releasing again

It will be a joint with Amaranth Scans, they will also joint with us in

Also we will be releasing soon
A joint with Sweet Indulgent and  Tasty Kiwi on 100 days. Marriage with Evil  joint with Sweet Indulgent.
And in another note, we will be doing a special release soon, look forward to it.

Well that for now have fun reading, thank you for your patience and your support.

With love
Roja and RN Staff
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27 Mio_Yuki   (04/Sep/2011 5:26 PM)
this is very kawaii manga)) eyebrows

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26 Mio_Yuki   (04/Sep/2011 5:24 PM)
mocking таак няшно Crying

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25 zuzu   (17/Jun/2011 6:32 AM)
my boyfriend is a vampire show princess, a love in 100 days , girl(hwang mi ri) l like those mangas . and so many kids want more volumes. and thanks to you rose team. good like

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24 Chee Ying   (01/Jun/2011 2:14 AM)
My Boyfriend Is A Vampire is nice! Waiting for releases soon.

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23 Mlwiekel   (16/May/2011 2:34 AM)
Thanks for the release eyebrows eyebrows gotya

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22 Lexia1172   (10/May/2011 8:23 AM)
wow you guys are awesome!!! RedFox1

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21 Sekomi   (09/May/2011 2:17 PM)
m015 omg thx for the releases love love you so much XD

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20 4m4n0   (09/May/2011 6:40 AM)
Thanks a lot Rosa love

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19 meiyuki   (09/May/2011 3:50 AM)
yay, i want to say thank you for the hard work of releasing this chapter/volume of this lovely manhwa!! love

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18 Mexis000   (03/May/2011 12:34 PM)
what is the latiest at MBIAV??

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17 bananasdaughter   (03/May/2011 6:46 AM)
I can't wait to read more My boyfriend's a Vampire!! <3

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16 gabi   (02/May/2011 11:25 PM)
thank you guys.. I am always anticipating your releases

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15 shadowcat   (02/May/2011 6:41 AM)
thanks 4r d the series especially my bf is a vampire....

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14 luvaxel888   (02/May/2011 1:07 AM)
I yelled when i heard the new release of My Boyfriend Is A Vampire!, I really love that series! Crying

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13 milkcoffee   (01/May/2011 6:09 PM)

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12 Katedizzy   (01/May/2011 5:23 PM)
Yay! I'm so happy! Love My Boyfriend is a vampire and Rebel! Thanks very much! yayayay

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11 ispringle1   (01/May/2011 5:09 PM)
thank you! I can't wait to read boyfriend is a vampire RedFox1

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10 Manazyaoi   (01/May/2011 4:05 PM)
gotya muwahha u have been captured my cute lil releases THANX

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9 Maya   (01/May/2011 3:41 PM)
It's a pleasure reading so many releases!

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8 Akira   (01/May/2011 2:55 PM)
Yay! ima start reading them now :D

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