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Hey everyone

Hey Everyone

Just a update in our release

Well we gonna have a release soon on My Boyfriend is a Vampire and Rebel.

For Ugly Duckling I am not sure if we will release this month (status cleaning and translating) or next month, but when we do release you all will be happy with the release, since it will be the rest of the vol.

Princess just for me have a few things missing so hopefully we will release a ch on it. High school Bullying it being typ and with a few thing missing. Bec Hab to kiss is on Typ also missing a few things. She's scary is being Typ and also missing a few  details.

So as soon as this missing things are done the release will be posted.

Thank you so much for your patience and your understanding. And like always we are looking for people who are willing to learn cleaning, and for translators (Korean and Vietnss). At this moment we have Proof. position close,  and it will be open again on summer.

With Love

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27 milkcoffee   (24/Apr/2011 5:54 AM)
I can;t wait to read the completed work. :D

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26 Al   (21/Apr/2011 5:32 AM)
hehe thank you all for everything!! Cant wait, keep ur spirites up. <3 eyebrows

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25 Al   (21/Apr/2011 5:23 AM)
OOOh I just started reading my bf is a vampire and now im hooked!!! shine I cant seem to get enough of this series. Does anyone kno who wrote it?? Its so confusing at this point...its like a freaking love triangel!! grrr love

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24 milkcoffee   (18/Apr/2011 7:18 PM)
I can't wait for the releases. :D

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23 Wishingstar   (18/Apr/2011 5:02 PM)
I CAN'T WAIT!!!! you guys rock!! RedFox1 i know it takes a LONG time and ty!! without u guys i wouldn't be able to read alll these manga RedFox1

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22 smileyrage   (17/Apr/2011 0:03 AM)
yay so happy for next release :]

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21 ABBY GRACE   (15/Apr/2011 12:43 PM)
can't wait to read them all....

thank you for all your hardwork...

i will be looking forward this weekend!!!

thank you!!!

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20 dutchessYuki   (15/Apr/2011 7:57 AM)
shine Super Yay!!! Really can't wait! Can't wait to see what will happen in Rebel and My BF is a Vampire.

Thanks for working so hard! Cheers to all of you!!!

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19 Anna   (14/Apr/2011 4:19 AM)
yeahhah Yaaay I cant wait. Thanks for all the hard work eyebrows

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16 blwlb   (13/Apr/2011 8:29 AM)
cant wait for my boyfriend is a vampire just finished reading up to ch 21 thx so much for all ur work yayayay

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18 Rosa_Roja   (13/Apr/2011 1:28 PM)
eyebrows thank you for reading, you will like what is coming in My boyfriend is a vampire

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15 gurlruz   (13/Apr/2011 6:27 AM) about lover puzzle? i really like that manhwa..please update it too..tnx for ur hardwork..
thank you for ur releases!

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17 Rosa_Roja   (13/Apr/2011 1:28 PM)
Lover puzzle is in cleaning and translating, hopefully we will release it soon. if there no complications love

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14 Metisse   (13/Apr/2011 5:04 AM)

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13 Rosa_Roja   (13/Apr/2011 3:02 AM)
well I just got the missing this for vampire, she scary and secret, so hopefully by the weekend eyebrows if there no other set back

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12 ABBY GRACE   (13/Apr/2011 0:56 AM)
I am looking forward for "MY BOYFRIEND IS A VAMPIRE" and "SECRET(HAN YU RANG)"



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11 paige   (12/Apr/2011 4:12 PM)
so how many weeks roughly is my bf is a vampire gonna be out ??? just wondering :)

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10 Emarald   (10/Apr/2011 6:11 PM)
lol roja.. i was kidding

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9 Akira   (10/Apr/2011 12:12 PM)
Thanks for your hard work!! I cant waitt :3

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8 Owliee   (10/Apr/2011 6:29 AM)
Yay!! I can't wait until the new chapters come out.
Thank you guys so much for taking your time to scanlate these series!
We really appreciate it! ^o^

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6 Emarald   (09/Apr/2011 5:36 PM)
maybe there should be a separate MISSING THING PERSON position?? dont u think so???

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7 Rosa_Roja   (10/Apr/2011 5:26 AM)
there are but right now, they are not able to help due to school

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5 touya   (09/Apr/2011 3:18 PM)
RedFox1 i just cant wait to read them

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