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Release #27 | Hey everyone
Hi everyone!

Just like we promise, here is another amazing release..
Today we finish another Vol on

I wonder what next Vol will bring us.

Also for those who being waiting for 

Here is Vol 4 ch 1

Upcoming release

And to give you a advance for next month

And of course releases on your other favorite manwhas.

With love
Rosa Roja and RN Staff
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39 rem   (07/Jun/2011 5:17 PM)
I am happy.
thank you for the new release. giggle

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38 kkatty35   (04/Jun/2011 12:01 PM)
You made my day Crying Crying
Thanks a lott for the new releases love love I go read now giggle

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37 Pattie...x   (09/May/2011 10:23 PM)
love the new releases thank you xxx
i can't wait for gril(hwang mi ri)
ever since the first chapter been dying for more !!!

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36 Al   (21/Apr/2011 5:19 AM)
Wow I love this site so much!! RedFox1 I have been to many manga websites, but non of them were as creative and artistic as this one. Plus you guys always have aton of manga I cant find anywhere else!! giggle
Thank You to everyone who made this site possible!! love

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35 Miane   (16/Apr/2011 9:07 PM)
Pleeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz scanalize more I'm sad T_T

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34 awskop   (09/Apr/2011 0:37 AM)
I just started reading manwha and I am so glad I stumbled upon this website. Keep up the good job!

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32 chichi   (03/Apr/2011 3:53 PM)
hi,, i like my bf is a vampire, i just want to know umm where can i read this manhwa aside from mangafox, cause sometimes mangafox wont work?

cant wait for another chapter

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33 vampire43ver   (04/Apr/2011 1:31 PM)
you could try

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31 dutchessYuki   (03/Apr/2011 9:48 AM)
Thanks for all the releases all of you posted! I'm sorry to hear that some of your staff are sick.. Wishing them speedy recovery. Spring break is coming for the students so this also might hold up your releases???? Crying

But, I can't wait for the next releases.... Kudos to all of you for posting such high quality scanned mangas. Very clear scans.... I wish I can read in Japanese/Korean so I can help out too!!!

Have fun working!!!

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30 Ratna mayasari   (31/Mar/2011 2:46 PM)
come on!! I wanna read comic of advent of snow white of the hell.....


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29 lisi   (30/Mar/2011 0:10 AM)

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25 paige   (27/Mar/2011 7:09 PM)
when is my bf is a vampire coming out??? cant wait !!!!!!

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27 Rosa_Roja   (28/Mar/2011 4:29 AM)
giggle soon typ and dusting it so soon

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28 Rosa_Roja   (28/Mar/2011 10:44 PM)
Beggingeyes it gonna be in a few day, can't say the specific day. but is in dusting and typ process right now.

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24 milkcoffee   (27/Mar/2011 12:43 PM)
Beggingeyes upcoming releases means how long?

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26 Rosa_Roja   (28/Mar/2011 4:28 AM)
as soon as everything is ready

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20 Lhin   (26/Mar/2011 10:55 PM)
Waaaa thank you very much!!!!! I really love my boyfriend is a vampire RedFox1 if I have to die today then I will be happy because I read this amazing manga <3<3<3 shine

I'm mexican so I have to read this manga in english even when my english is so bad and I really enjoy it! Thanks rosa negra!!!! eyebrows

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23 Rosa_Roja   (27/Mar/2011 6:22 AM)
eyebrows thank you so much for reading, even when this is not your first language love

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19 shokugo   (26/Mar/2011 0:40 AM)
Personalized Princess? :D GREAT JOB!

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21 Rosa_Roja   (27/Mar/2011 6:16 AM)
eyebrows waiting just for the translation, so we can typ and release, so look forward to it love

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18 hang19can   (25/Mar/2011 7:09 PM)
Thanks a lot, I have been waiting for Become habituated to kiss for such a long time. Can't wait!!!

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22 Rosa_Roja   (27/Mar/2011 6:17 AM)
eyebrows cleaning is almost done, so we will be releasing soon giggle

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17 paige   (24/Mar/2011 4:15 PM)
i cant wait for my bf is a vampire but just when is it going to be uploaded onto mangafox???

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16 icq   (24/Mar/2011 1:36 PM)
thanks very much[color=blue]for the amazing chapters of my boy friend is a vampire and keep up the good work shine

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15 abby gelly   (24/Mar/2011 1:25 PM)
hey!! you guys!!!! thank you for uploading and translating the ch. 21 of "MY BOYFRIEND IS A VAMPIRE"!!!!!!

I hpe you will release the next chapters soon.
i can't wait to read them!!!

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14 Kamelia   (23/Mar/2011 8:08 PM)
i am french so my english is bla bla bla so i love u rosa negra thank u so much for the relase

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13 dons   (23/Mar/2011 10:36 AM)
wahhhh........ i really look forward to "my boyfriend is a vampire" im waiting to it. so nice love them and since im new here i can only say hello to those who are addict in reading mangas scanlated by rosanegra YES ~SO COOL!!!~ shine Beggingeyes yayayay

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