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Release #26 | Hey everyone!
Hi there!

Hope you guys all doing great, there no waiting anymore.You can enjoy more updates now

 We will be closing another vol on the followings.


You will also enjoy updates on

 And on the weekend more on

and one I know a lot of members are waiting

Also this month we'll add a new area for you guys. For those who like to draw and those who don't but want to share their favorite pics.  I will post details in our next release. Now enjoy this amazing chapters.

With Love
Rosa Roja and RN Staff
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24 Youngmin   (18/Aug/2011 12:25 PM)
m015 m015 where can you read the manhwa?

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21 Mlwiekel   (13/May/2011 3:44 PM)
I just started reading Surviving a Rebel and I am loving it

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20 icq   (04/Apr/2011 7:10 AM)
IF we were asked to define[color=red]beauty then i would say (my boy friend is a vampire) is beautiful keep up and make it quick i hope to read your latest so i can comment now go on and amaze me Beggingeyes Beggingeyes [b][size=7]

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23 Mlwiekel   (13/May/2011 3:46 PM)

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19 Abeer.M   (02/Apr/2011 0:34 AM)
I WILL BE CINDERELLA Manhwa is aswesome manga the idea is cool and comedy (3
thank's for great job I always cant wait for next CHAPTER G

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18 ashwake   (30/Mar/2011 8:39 AM)
giggle love VAMPIRE!!!

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17 salma   (20/Mar/2011 11:35 AM)
je meurs d'impatience de lire " ugly duckling to swan "

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16 DanutzaOverHere   (19/Mar/2011 4:38 PM)
You people are all great. love

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13 pekicanela   (19/Mar/2011 1:10 AM)
i like snow white

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14 Emarald   (19/Mar/2011 9:02 AM)
I LOVE SNOW WHTE!!! giggle

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12 shinbai   (18/Mar/2011 10:34 PM)

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11 mangafan   (18/Mar/2011 2:14 PM)
*that's "imagine", not image ... my bad -_-

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10 mangafan   (18/Mar/2011 1:44 PM)
Cool... thanks for the update on Ugly duckling to swan :) been waiting for that one for a long time ...
anyway... quick question ... are you releasing full volumes for lover puzzle and my boyfriend is a vampire? if so, when, cause I only found one chapter updates ... is it taking time to upload and all?

But besides that ... thanks a lot guys love
I really can't image what i'd do without your regular fix of scans pouring in :)

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9 Emarald   (18/Mar/2011 2:48 AM)
Oh ... My .. GOd!!!
Cinderella!! that too a WHOLE volume!!! wowie!!

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8 BlueSea   (17/Mar/2011 8:49 PM)
i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you :') and have i said i LOVE you ? ^_~

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7 Sekomi   (17/Mar/2011 7:07 PM)
Thank you so much, I was so happy that I could read this amizing chapters roll
Thanks for your hard work please

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6 mary   (17/Mar/2011 5:06 PM)
I really look forward too being able to read them, love the fact that you are releasing lover puzzle in the weekends again, I have really become found of this series and am beginning to really look forward to it I also can't wait for advent of snow white... and love bullet and every other hwang me project lool... thaaank you guys for all the hard work

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5 irisha   (17/Mar/2011 3:31 PM)
wow!!!!!!!! my boyfriend is a vampire is so great i can't wait for updates, my boyfriend is a vampire is getting exciting every chapter!!!

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4 irisha   (17/Mar/2011 3:28 PM)
i can't wait for the update of advent of snow white to hell

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15 Emarald   (19/Mar/2011 9:04 AM)
Me niether!!
I might go crazy!!

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22 Mlwiekel   (13/May/2011 3:45 PM)
I haven't started reading this one. Is is any good shine

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3 Maya   (17/Mar/2011 1:48 PM)
Great updates!
Thank you so much!
It was a joy to read so many new chapters.

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2 LynnValentine   (17/Mar/2011 12:05 PM)
dizzy cant wait seriously!

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1 Emarald   (17/Mar/2011 7:26 AM)
giggle love

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