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10:47 PM
Release #25 | Hey everyone!
Hola, Hi Everyone!

I want to start with Thank You FOR ALL YOUR GET WELL and for your support in all this projects.

You will be able to read the following manwhas today

With this we finish another amazing vol

In this months releases we will be updating on

This will be the manwhas we will be updating this month of March, maybe more but who knows haaa.

With all our love
Rosa Roja and RN Staff
ps. If you guys have any problem after posting and can't read the release let me know
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32 milkcoffee   (24/Mar/2011 9:47 AM)
i cant wait for my boyfriend is a vampire! ;D

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31 Akira   (21/Mar/2011 2:44 PM)
When i 1st read one i got addicted to it and cant stop!! I am rly lookin forward to the next chapter :3

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30 shinbai   (10/Mar/2011 1:47 PM)
thanks love ,iread all of them and waiting for more shine

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29 Suzuka   (07/Mar/2011 11:53 AM)
eyebrows you are wesome rose.i like your Beggingeyes no i love your manwah,s yayayay

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28 Linda   (07/Mar/2011 8:54 AM)
[color=green][size=9] For you guys thanks for your release. It help a lot to me as fan of manhwa. I can't wait for the next. I hope I can be like you guys who can scanlation but i dnt know about language..
THANK YOU for all. Beggingeyes

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26 RosaAzul   (06/Mar/2011 9:09 PM)
You much left to read...And I'm to busy to do it...
I want manhwas... Crying

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27 Rosa_Roja   (07/Mar/2011 4:51 AM)
giggle You too haaa

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25 abby   (06/Mar/2011 1:16 PM)
thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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24 abby   (06/Mar/2011 1:14 PM)
when will be the release of the next chapter of "MY BOYFRIEND IS A VAMPIRE"????????

THANK YOU for everyone for uploading these mangas!!!!!!

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23 gabi   (04/Mar/2011 3:06 AM)
You are Amazing Guys... Thank you so much for the releases

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22 iloveleonard   (04/Mar/2011 2:54 AM)
Yay! I love all the new releases, and all the ones to be released!

Thank you so much for all the hard and awesome work you do! It's greatly appreciated!

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21 paige   (03/Mar/2011 9:23 PM)
i cant wait for Adventure of snow white to hell, My bf is a vampire, She's scary and lover puzzle

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20 LynnValentine   (03/Mar/2011 7:32 PM)
Really loving these series yayayay

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18 qaf22   (02/Mar/2011 7:59 PM)
yay i really love this series

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17 Manazyaoi   (02/Mar/2011 5:42 PM)
yeahhah Being sick sucks but reading great manhwa rocks thanx for the releases

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16 Emarald   (02/Mar/2011 5:20 PM)
Are there going to be any updates on I will be Cinderella?? Beggingeyes

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19 Rosa_Roja   (02/Mar/2011 10:38 PM)
eyebrows hopeflly we gonna finish the vol2 this month

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15 Sekomi   (02/Mar/2011 5:16 PM)
wow thats one big release you have there onion51
thanks for your hard work, keep it up guys. please

you even made the vol. of MbiaV thank you very much onion56


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14 Saybellynn   (02/Mar/2011 2:34 PM)
Great work! Thanks for all the new chapters!!

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12 mangafan   (02/Mar/2011 11:05 AM)
wow ... finally Ugly Duckling to swan ... I have been waiting for the 4th volume for ages ... I even cursed my inability to read korean text and was planning to learn it cause I wasn't sure if you guys would pick it up or not once loyal kiss moved ... This is so awesome ... :)

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13 Rosa_Roja   (02/Mar/2011 12:57 PM)
eyebrows Yes Swan is one of the many great manwhas we will be releasing here. It may take time in some since we are trying see how we should do them, but when we release we will do a good release in all of the manwhas

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11 Maya   (02/Mar/2011 10:53 AM)
Ii am so looking forward to Lover Puzzle and all the other great manhwas you're gonna release this month.
Thanks a lot.
I can't wait to start reading your recent releases. RedFox1

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10 DanutzaOverHere   (02/Mar/2011 5:56 AM)
RedFox1 Thank you for all your hard work*bow*.

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