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Hey everyone 

Long time sorry for the waiting. I being having a few trouble here but I'll try by best to get more work done in this upcoming months.

Here thanks to my friends in Tasty Kiwi 
we have Girl vol 3 ready for you guys.

Like always I ask if anyone is interested in helping let me know. I'm looking for translators, editors, cleaners, typ, and proof.

Thank you so much for your support and patience.

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18 sennaretha   (16/Apr/2017 4:59 AM)
Are you guys still continuing the update? It looks like you guys haven't active or update for years? I'm really curious about the story. I hope you guys can update soon. I'll be waiting for your comeback

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17 sonix033   (23/Aug/2015 12:28 PM)

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16 sonix033   (23/Aug/2015 12:27 PM)
Hi there! Please don't think me rude but I just got here and I still can't believe it! RedFox1 I love ur work, especially my boyfriend is a vampire, that's my fav!

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15 megg   (10/Feb/2015 3:11 AM)
Hi, im new hear.  Love your works, please keep it up.  More power to you.

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14 Mangaku Otaku   (05/Oct/2014 10:31 PM)
Seriously?! Thanks for working your hardest! I really like your work! Your work is very heartwarming and I can't wait for Girl to release! Work your hardest and good luck! ;)

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13 booklover   (18/Apr/2014 4:33 AM)
may i ask is don t cheat on me still active because it says it is active but there is no updates for a few years sorry if it is a inconvenience but the manhawa was really good the girl hwang mi ri manhawa where can i find the raws

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12 booklover   (16/Apr/2014 4:42 AM)
hey thanks fo the update but when exactly when was this tiptip

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10 booklover   (11/Apr/2014 4:00 AM)
thank you for all the work you have done yayayay

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9 booklover   (11/Apr/2014 3:58 AM)
sorry quick question all your comments or statements are months apart and i was wondering why i'  m sorry if i came in as rude thank you for every thing you have done:Shining:

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8 narita   (07/Mar/2014 9:56 AM)
Hi Rosa,

I'm glad to have come across this site since I've always love all the scanslations you all made. Thank you very much. ali_072  

Since I'm still new here and even in any forum, I'm not really sure how to go about the 5 post requirement. Where should I post? 

Thank you.  ali_061

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7 paigw   (12/Jan/2014 4:13 PM)
Thank you sooo much for all ur time and hard work. I really appreciate it

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6 usagi-chan   (09/Jan/2014 2:06 AM)
Thank you for hanging in there and keeping things alive! Hugs!!

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5 peachywink   (08/Sep/2013 8:00 PM)
kinda need to work on your comment section preety obvious it's not secure and makes me nervous about leaving a comment but I wanted to say I apprieciate your work and was really happy to get more of the Girl manwha which I thought had been dropped.

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4 marimo   (08/Sep/2013 2:48 PM)
hello rose i would like to work as a typ i send you one of my work as a proof
but i don't know where i send my proof can you tell me where i send it

in case you want to connect me :

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3 sharada   (30/Aug/2013 11:40 PM)

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2 aniofek   (27/Aug/2013 9:23 PM)
Oh thank you so much for Your hard work !!!!  runninghearts I really appreciate for all you hade gone through to give such long and fantastic release.  ali_101   ali_072 So THAK YOU VERY MUCH for all you do for us hugs

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1 mary01   (26/Aug/2013 9:44 AM)
awesome thanks soo much for the new releases, by the way I loooove that you guys are releasing it in volume, makes it soo much more enjoyable to read...

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