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4:16 PM

Thank you again for your PM/Mess you send.
I'm doing great after my surgery.
Working hard to move this projects.
We all are waiting for :)

OK good news
The following Projects are ready for release,
just missing one thing and I will release it.

If everything goes well tomorrow I will be posting them.

Also for the next month

Hopefully we can do MORE!


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10 skylar235   (26/Mar/2013 5:07 AM)
Thanks! for translating I'm the mom you're the dad...Can you still continue to translate I'm the mom you're the dad? Please do...Please....and Thanks for you're hard work!!!

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9 Georgi   (09/Feb/2013 12:04 PM)
I was just wondering is the project "Love Bullet" going to be retaken later on? It's a really nice manwha.

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8 kpluvsherman   (16/Dec/2012 6:36 PM)
ali_061 ali_061 ali_061 ali_061 ali_061 ali_061
feel better! (plz let me know if im the mom and your the dad is still being updated)
thks and fell better luv!

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7 Dzinae   (04/Nov/2012 6:55 PM)
Good work everyone.

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4 Manazyaoi   (29/Oct/2012 0:53 AM)
yayayay It is nice ta hear u r feeling better ali_101 but but are you gonna release She Scary this month or next month or is that still in the works? ali_072

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5 Rosa_Roja   (29/Oct/2012 1:14 AM)
Crying I was planing to release it but due to the surgery and personal matter we are a bit behind but im doing everything in my hand so we can release it soon. ali_101

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6 Manazyaoi   (29/Oct/2012 8:01 PM)
hugs your health is whats important got plently to read and do so I can wait take care in the meantime

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11 Karyn   (27/Jan/2014 8:53 PM)
How was your surgery? I know it was more than a year ago, but I hope you recovered well.

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3 Xiiao Angel   (28/Oct/2012 9:24 AM)
i realy love

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2 Yulilla   (27/Oct/2012 5:52 PM)
That's great!! It's so difficult to wait tomorrow release ali_072 shine

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1 skabenitez   (27/Oct/2012 5:11 PM)
hugs THANKS I'm waiting for it and is REALLY GREAT ali_072 that your surgery was excellent and now you're better Beggingeyes Crying ali_105

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