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6:32 PM
Hey there
I'm so happy... I'm back again, sorry it took long, but now I have a new laptop and we can start moving things.
Thank you for your patience give us a few weeks so I can get all the information I need to release the projects.
Hope you all are doing great, talk to everyone later
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31 Katedizzy   (03/Dec/2011 11:40 PM)
Thank you for all your hard work ! ^_^ RedFox1

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30 Anna huang   (26/Nov/2011 12:05 PM)
Hi, Do you have the NAN EOMMA NUN APPA Manhwa raw? Can I have them? Or do you know where I can buy it (online)? Thank you. Please release them soon .. Thank you

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28 rongting   (14/Nov/2011 10:46 AM)
will " nan eomma nun appa" be releasing dis nov? ps: i hav been waiting 4 it to be released for a long time SHOUTS

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27 rhaz   (25/Oct/2011 5:43 AM)
..welcome back Roja.. love

im a little late to say this.. but anyways.. good for you.. your bAck.. im so happy... i could still hope for the release of "Habituated with a Kiss" i thought i cant read that again.. THANKs for coming BacK.. shine

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26 Lalaloo   (23/Oct/2011 10:51 PM)
Welcome back!

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25 ZeraLord   (21/Oct/2011 7:53 PM)
Welcome back Misst ya Crying

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24 chidori   (21/Oct/2011 2:14 PM)
hey! it'd make my day if there's a release <or maybe 2> for miunohri to swan.. :3 :3

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23 MIsSLoNeLy   (21/Oct/2011 10:54 AM)
welcome baaaaack :D

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22 chichi   (20/Oct/2011 9:42 AM)
hi roja,, welcome back,
cant wait for the release of my boyfriend is a vampire, :))

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21 gladiz   (18/Oct/2011 9:34 PM)
hey roja so good to have you back again as well as getting some news about the current situation.. can't wait to see the new releases...

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20 tmoya-chan   (18/Oct/2011 8:02 PM)
Welcome back <3 I'm glad to see you again
And thanks for your hard work I really appreciate it ^_^

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19 Hancock<3   (18/Oct/2011 11:47 AM)


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18 maroo   (18/Oct/2011 11:37 AM)
its really good to have you back. yeahhah

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17 Manazyaoi   (18/Oct/2011 5:02 AM)
RedFox1 I was getting abit worried Crying So happy you guys are still around.. shine Welcome Back!! yayayay

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16 lisi   (17/Oct/2011 11:42 PM)
i missed you so much Welcome back

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15 Beckyree84   (17/Oct/2011 3:53 PM)
Yay I'm glad your back!!! yayayay

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14 Lela   (17/Oct/2011 2:46 AM)
Welcome back !!!!!! Hope all is well >.< can yall release surviving a rebel I <3 that manhwa soooo much and can't wait for the next one !!!!!!!!!! Anyway thank you for your kindness and all of your heart work so that I can read brilliant manhwas such as surviving a rebel and love in a puzzle :) really thank you!!!

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13 Tearz   (16/Oct/2011 9:30 PM)
Hii...I'm new to this site

thank you so much for all the great work..hope u guys can release Nan Eomma Nun Appa soo into that manhwa..can't wait to find out wah happan next ^^!

Thank You....!!!!!!!!!!!

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12 skabenitez   (16/Oct/2011 6:01 PM)
welcome back i miss you too much!!!! Crying

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11 allysya95   (16/Oct/2011 2:10 PM)
Hiya! WELCOME BAAAAAAAAACK! Miss you so much! Crying Have a great health and good luck everyday, so we beloved fans can cheer always when new projects come. HUHUHU.... Kidding...! mocking

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