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7:05 PM
Hey there everyone!

This will be our upcoming releases, for next week (weekend)

With all our love
Rosa Roja and RN Staff
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14 rem   (07/Jun/2011 5:32 PM)
I can't wait for the next release
looking forward to it
good luck! love

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13 qaf22   (02/Mar/2011 8:02 PM)
thanks for the update

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12 ayna   (02/Mar/2011 4:10 PM)
omg!lover puzzle! i have been waiting this for such a long time~ thnx a bunch!

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11 Sara   (27/Feb/2011 6:39 AM)
Oh yeay Lover puzzel is up!!! Thank you so so much.

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10 Melo   (26/Feb/2011 12:58 PM)
I'm looking forward to reading them ^^ shine

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9 mary   (25/Feb/2011 8:24 PM)
I soo really look forward to reading secret...

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8 ispringle1   (25/Feb/2011 6:50 PM)
Yayyyyy! I can't wait. m015 I really want to read the next chapter of My boyfriend is a vampire. RedFox1

Thanks for the update.

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7 Yuzuki   (25/Feb/2011 1:15 PM)
thanks for the all releases till now I absolutely love My bf is a vampire and I can't wait to read the new chapter love ....and also good luck with the rest of the releases I like them too especially Love Bullet ....Gambatte minna!! RedFox1

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6 irisha   (25/Feb/2011 12:24 PM)
yeah I'm looking for my boyfriend is a vampire I'm very excited to the releases!!!!!

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5 Sekomi   (24/Feb/2011 1:05 PM)
yay shine
I'm looking forward to the next release, can't wait to read your work m022
thanks for all your work guys hope it all goes well for you m035

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4 Zuku   (24/Feb/2011 2:59 AM)
It's great you guys were able to find more staff. thanks for the... soon to be releases.

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3 mikaeila   (23/Feb/2011 10:10 AM)
thanks for letting us know :) excited&&looking forward for the new releases! giggle love shine

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2 ShadowCat   (22/Feb/2011 8:10 PM)
Thanks for info yayayay
I'm looking forward to read some of the chapters shine

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1 mangafan   (22/Feb/2011 7:29 PM)
looking forward to it. Can barely wait :) giggle

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