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Release #24 | Happy Valentine!!
Happy Valentine!!

There no more waiting, our huge Valentine Release is here.

You will be able to Read the following manwhas today....

And as a present from us to you guys, we bring you a new Manwha by Hwang Mi Ri

Upcoming Release

Lover Puzzle
Love Bullet
Advent of Snow White
Become Habituated to kiss

With Love Rosa Roja and RN Staff 

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18 Annikabannika   (28/Jun/2011 3:05 PM)
I really like the High School Bullying.
I love GIRL, I bet it's going to be very interesting.
Thank you! RedFox1

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17 qaf22   (02/Mar/2011 8:01 PM)
Thanks for the realeases

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16 Melo   (26/Feb/2011 12:59 PM)
Can't wait for more :3 yayayay

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15 mangafan   (22/Feb/2011 7:27 PM)
Thanks for all the hard work guys :)

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12 Amurana   (21/Feb/2011 8:12 PM)
really looking foward to seeing more of Advent of Snow White to Hell!! Thankyou for picking up the title. I'm so sad there's only 3 volumes readable atm!

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13 Rosa_Roja   (22/Feb/2011 7:14 PM)
eyebrows We are currently working in snow, hopefully we will be given a whole vol next month.

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11 RosaAzul   (19/Feb/2011 10:53 PM)
You guys are awesome!! You did so great without me!!!! I'm so sorry to let you down like that!! Crying

Please forgive my!! Beggingeyes

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14 Rosa_Roja   (22/Feb/2011 7:15 PM)
love Is not your fault,school is first

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10 DanutzaOverHere   (17/Feb/2011 6:48 AM)
Thank you very much for the releases!

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9 iloveleonard   (16/Feb/2011 2:32 PM)
Thank you so much for all the excellent new releases!

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8 freres   (16/Feb/2011 8:04 AM)
Thank you for the releases. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day.

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7 mary   (15/Feb/2011 2:14 PM)
thaaank you so much for th releases... ov the project you have chosen and I already look forward for more lool...

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6 allysya95   (15/Feb/2011 1:07 PM)
Wa!!! Crying
Luv you guys at RosaNegra so.... much love
Thank you for this special release!!
Make some more special release like this too you guys!
I'll keep supporting you guys!

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5 Sekomi   (15/Feb/2011 12:30 PM)
Yay finally yeahhah thanks guys for this big release can't wait to read your work m022
keep up the good work, I love every Manwha you guys release so, just to say it once "You are the BEST!" ha-cha


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4 Maya   (15/Feb/2011 9:40 AM)
What a graet Valentine's Day release! love
I'm glad you picked up HMW's work and I look forward reading the upcoming releases.
Thanks for the great read! yeahhah

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3 ShadowCat   (15/Feb/2011 7:32 AM)
Thanks a lot love I have been forward to this for some time now and now the time has come Crying for reading some new chapters giggle

I will be looking forward to new releases from you peoplehere on RN shine (I pay my respect for the work you do.!) love

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2 mikaeila   (15/Feb/2011 7:00 AM)
Thank you so much for the new releases! && Happy Valentines Day to all the RN staff members! love love love

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1 Rosa_Blanca   (15/Feb/2011 5:26 AM)
wooo hooo~~ love it =P I'm glad that we're releasing again!!! Thank you, RN!!

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