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Release #33 | Happy Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day

Like we promise, here a special release today, 

 We are staring another amazing vol in both of them, and giving you half of it today.

Thank you to our staff for their hard work in this release and our upcoming Annv release.

In another note and as a reminder,after our annv release we'll be releasing from some of our projects, since Amarilla and Me will be away for a while. But as soon as we get back our releases will be as normal.

This project will be
Bec Hab To Kiss
She Scary
Beautiful Guy

If is Possible
Snow White
Princess Just for Me
100 Days
And as soon as the scan are ready

With Love

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25 mandy   (01/Jul/2011 6:35 AM)
happy fathers day to all the father out there. i can't wait for you to return. love so come back soon. Beggingeyes

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24 Annikabannika   (28/Jun/2011 2:55 PM)
Beggingeyes I've been waiting so long.
Finally somebody mentions GIRL! yeahhah

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22 Carina   (23/Jun/2011 4:28 PM)
Hi there^+^ thank you so much for the releases :) can't wait 4 ur annv early congratz to y'all anw may I know will there be any new releases 4 surviving a rebel ??? It's my fave manga thx:)

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23 Rosa_Roja   (24/Jun/2011 2:30 AM)
It will be soon, we want to finish with vampire so we can then finish secret and rebel love

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21 yumeyume   (23/Jun/2011 7:21 AM)
June 17th was when the first releases came out. So i'm guessing anytime you guys feel like now. >u<

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18 Maya   (20/Jun/2011 2:30 PM)
Great updates. shine
I am really happy being able to read such a long chapter from Lover Puzzle. Thank you.

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14 mangafan   (20/Jun/2011 8:11 AM)
Thanks for the release ...
Uuummm... i've only been on this site for the last 3-4 months since Loyal-kiss closed down so i was wondering if someone could tell me: when is your anniversary?

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17 Rosa_Roja   (20/Jun/2011 9:18 AM)
eyebrows our annv is soon, very soon

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19 mangafan   (21/Jun/2011 6:46 AM)
Okay ... guess i'll find out on the release date tiptip

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13 LLL   (20/Jun/2011 6:46 AM)
Thanks for all the releases you guys work on. I love all the Manhwa that your working on can't wait to see the next chapter of Mom/Dad ^^!

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16 Rosa_Roja   (20/Jun/2011 9:18 AM)
that will be soon, eyebrows the scanning is dine as soon as the translator are free they will be translating mom/dad

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11 Himawari   (20/Jun/2011 3:23 AM)
thank you! I've been looking forward to Lover Puzzle, yay! ^^

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10 Manazyaoi   (20/Jun/2011 2:10 AM)
Happy Fathers Day Thanks for the release wonderful staff of Rose Negra RedFox1 cant wait for the anni release shine

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9 Katedizzy   (19/Jun/2011 11:35 PM)
Happy Fathers Day! Thanks for the release! shine

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8 MIsSLoNeLy   (19/Jun/2011 9:20 PM)
come back soon <3

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7 milkcoffee   (19/Jun/2011 6:49 PM)
:D Can't wait.

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6 Doll   (19/Jun/2011 6:30 PM)

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5 Rosa_Roja   (19/Jun/2011 5:26 PM)
Sorry for the horror in my writing, in this few releases. Beggingeyes Crying

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12 Emarald   (20/Jun/2011 6:24 AM)
haha.. Looks like You got my offliners!! haha...
you can PM me pr anytime u want RedFox1

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20 Emarald   (22/Jun/2011 7:05 PM)
PM me for proof reading anytime you want

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4 Juliet   (19/Jun/2011 3:24 PM)
Happy fathers day! Thanks for all the hard work!

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3 allysya95   (19/Jun/2011 3:09 PM)
Thanks all of you hard workers in RosaNegra. I adore you guys for that spirit of yours in satisfying us, the hungry sharks with patience. Miss you when you went away for some time. Hope you two will bring us great stuff when you get back. Take care always!

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2 Cass   (19/Jun/2011 10:41 AM)
Happy father's Day everybody!!!

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1 keric   (19/Jun/2011 8:13 AM)
Thank you Rosa Team! I look forward to reading both of these! And I'm anxiously waiting for the Anniversary release RedFox1

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15 MaggiS   (20/Jun/2011 8:33 AM)
Happy Fathers Day! Thank You! giggle

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