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Release #34 | Happy Anniversary

Hey Guys i know you all waited a long time for our Anniversary and today is the day we will release. As for our first Anniversary we have something special created. Lets see what has changed? I  hope you like the changes as much as i do.

Also like you know Roja and Amarilla are away for the time being but i got great helpers. Let me introduce  you our new awesome Admins. You know who they are?

Its Dayde3 and Dangg they are a great help for us and they do things beyond moderators so from now on they are our Knights. We love you guys and thank you so much for all the great help.

We are so happy to welcome you as our new admins.  On this spot let us  not forget our great staff as well. They work pretty hard in all of our releases and thats why we created for them a Special Staff Site. I hope you like it guys. In my opinion the pics we choose look beautiful for each of you but i hope you like them as well.

Furthermore we want to thank you all and our supporters, our readers and members. Thank you so much for all your support. We are so happy to have so many great people to cheer us on. I hope you all will like our Anniversary release.

Like you know our first release was  My Boyfriend is a Vampire and that will be as well our Anniversary release but dont worry you dont get only one volume or two NO you will get THREE WHOLE VOLUMES i hope our surprise was successful.

Here are the release
  <-- Download on the pic
and dont worry  you will get soon some releases from our other manhwas as well and when summer holidays starts we will have a lot more time to work on more release and Roja, Amarilla and Azu will be back as well then. So i hope you all can wait patiently and for now enjoy the release we have. Thank you all so much. Happy Anniversary wishes you Rosa Negra we hope to have another great year together with all of you.

And as always if you want to help us out in our release you can apply anytime we would be more then happy to have your help. You  only need to pm one of us admins and we will help you to apply. Also on this place i want to congratulate milkcoffe and nicia they managed to rise to Staff 

PS: On our Anniversary everyone can download our release so no one needs to have 5 post have fun reading

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86 Gracey   (22/Sep/2011 10:48 AM)
I love the hard wrk that yu guys have done. You guys create the best work in the world. Keep up the brilliant wrk that you are doing.

Happy Anniversary,

Gracey :)

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85 LilyAngel   (03/Sep/2011 5:34 AM)
Awesome surprise! And happy late anniversary! giggle

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84 dr_princess   (09/Aug/2011 10:42 PM)


I FEEL BAD BECAUSE OF IT Crying Crying Crying Crying

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83 eunhmie   (20/Jul/2011 4:18 PM)
Sorry i'm late hehe yayayay but still Happy Anniversary :) love
i'm enjoying to read manhwa manga hehe i love this so much..
my favorite Habituated kiss.hhee i'm so excited to release new Volume hehe Beggingeyes
thank you so much..
again Happy anniversary :) giggle

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82 aoihana72   (20/Jul/2011 11:26 AM)
Happy Anniversary! Thank you Rosa Negra for releasing such wonderful stories! Hope the team will always have fun in scanlating these stories as much we enjoy reading them. Once again, happy anniversary and congrats on the numerous successful releases! Looking forward to celebrating many more anniversaries to come!

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81 Dekaged   (14/Jul/2011 7:35 PM)
Happy anniversary!!
I would love to help out if I could... but my Korean reading skills is like non-existent =\

Keep up the releases I'm rooting for you!

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80 SenSin   (12/Jul/2011 9:31 PM)

Thank you for all of the hard work and great scans! <3

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79 Lally   (11/Jul/2011 11:02 AM)
Sorry! I'm late, but still, Happy anniversary and thanks so much for the release!!
Hope you continue your job well!! XD

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78 Manazyaoi   (01/Jul/2011 11:48 PM)
RedFox1 a bit late but Happy Anni Guys woooot u guys rock yay love

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77 Rosa_Dorada   (01/Jul/2011 3:37 PM)
Wow i cant belive 76 comments thank you guys so much. Love ya love

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69 Eraher   (30/Jun/2011 0:40 AM)
Happy Birthday !!!!!!!
Thank you for your realeases !!!!!!

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68 ispringle1   (29/Jun/2011 8:50 PM)
Happy anniversary!

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65 denisse   (29/Jun/2011 4:58 PM)
GUYS i luv ur wrk love and thnk u 4 wrking hrd to make this happen eyebrows ang most important of all happy anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crying Beggingeyes m004 m035 please

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63 mandy   (29/Jun/2011 8:04 AM)
Beggingeyes happy anniv rosanegra thank you so much for all your hard workin on the book. I love to read books like these.
do your best yeahhah
do your best yayayay

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62 dutchessYuki   (29/Jun/2011 7:49 AM)
Happy anniversary to all Rosa Negra staff!!! You made me go "YA-HA!!!" big time! Here's wishing you all more happy times to come and more fans to come! giggle

BTW, I your banner of the four hunks... from which manga/mangwha are they from? love

Happy vacay to Roja, Amarilla and Azu (they're on vacay right?)... Happy times! Happy times!.... gotya

Also, are you still working on Snow White?

Let's not forget... THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!! .... for all the releases and new series you brought out. I like the Idol Club.... yayayay

Looking forward to more HQ work from you all!!!

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66 Emarald   (29/Jun/2011 7:16 PM)
Why, yes!
Thankyou for asking DutchessYuki! RedFox1

We have indeed Snow White chapters to release in the very near future.
Stay tuned!
P.S. Azu is not on leave. Just Roja and Armarilla.

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61 nylej   (29/Jun/2011 6:18 AM)
My Boyfriend is a vampire is the best manga i'd ever read....Love it so much!!!.....And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY...i'll be waiting for your next release!!!


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67 Emarald   (29/Jun/2011 7:21 PM)
Indeed, we are too! shine

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60 chichi   (29/Jun/2011 5:08 AM)
i just finished reading My Boyfriend is a Vampire,, thank you thank you for the update,, and

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59 Kaede   (29/Jun/2011 1:34 AM)
Thank you for your hard work and bring us so awesome projets.
(I read in french, but it isn't possible without you).
Happy Birthday.

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58 Rosa_Roja   (28/Jun/2011 11:43 PM)
Crying :Crying: Crying :Crying: Beggingeyes :Beggingeyes: Beggingeyes :Beggingeyes: Thank you guys for your hard work, for being with us since we start this amazing group. Thank you all your readers and member for your good comment and reading our projects. We are grateful to have you all be part of our familY.

love :love: love :love: love :love: Dayde and Dangg thank you so much for all the help and sorry to bother you guys so much Beggingeyes :Beggingeyes: Beggingeyes I hope you all like the things we did, we took time choosing love :love: thinking in all you guys.

RedFox1 For those who wrote in french to make it easy to everyone to read can someone write the english version under, I know a bit of french but not good in the writing part haaa

LOVE YOU ALLL love :love: love

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64 Nicia   (29/Jun/2011 10:19 AM)
RedFox1 Hi !! I'll translate them tonight.

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57 Miyu   (28/Jun/2011 6:07 PM)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! et comme ont dit chez nous Joyeux Anniversaire !!!! 8D
ps: vos projet sont super !! même si je préfère les lire en français ! XD

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