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Hey everyone!


Sorry for not being able to release anything in a while. I move and my comp. broke sigh. It will take me some time I guess to get everything moving again.

I'll have to look for help and send menss to all the staff to see if they still can help me.


So for those who are reading, I'll looking for staff in everything lol.

Let me know,



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22 yascun94_luvlolli   (12/Apr/2017 11:17 AM)
I wonder If your comp is okay now since the last update of the post was on 2014. just in case someone see this..



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21 ayasyarifah95   (11/Aug/2016 1:59 AM)
thank u so much for your hard work !
Hope 'i like a beautiful guys' will release soon :(

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20 dfortress14   (10/Nov/2015 11:33 PM)
New reader, binge read all of Vampire Boyfriend in a single day and loved it, though I would come to your site and say thanks for the good work and I hope you are doing well.

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19 jack   (09/Jan/2015 6:13 AM)
Just want to say that I like your translation. I wish you a Happy New Year and hope to see you back on track in translation. Thank you for your work.

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18 musicbibizin   (17/Dec/2014 5:26 PM)
I see a lot of people are pressuring you to upload more. Every second comment is just "give, give, give"... Don't get bothered by those comments. Most of us are understanding people who can imagine being in your position. Of course your priority will always be things in your own personal life. Don't lose faith because of ungrateful demanding people. There is a lot of us who appreciate your work and are willing to wait and be grateful for anything you do. Just keep in contact with us :) We appreciate that aswell.

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17 chibikahana   (25/Nov/2014 7:39 AM)
I would offer to help. But unfortunately from what I can see of the site, my first time visiting, it's all manwa. And I can't read Korean, or Chinese. If it was Japanese I could be more useful, but you showed me a new manwa, "I'm the Mom, you're the dad." Take you're time and get you things together first, we'll be waiting for new releases when you're  ready.

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16 misaamanedeathnote1   (23/Nov/2014 6:22 AM)
When will you update more chapters? :( its been 5 months since you last posted! are you still there?

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15 bubba_jen_dfu   (11/Nov/2014 4:38 PM)
Putin your things first we'll suportarla you and be calm, we can wait

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14 Mangaku Otaku   (05/Oct/2014 10:50 PM)
Oh I see... I never knew that... Until now! ;) I really hope everything gets better! ;) I hope more people are willing to help! I, for instance, would love to help but I don't know how to translate this and that and I still go to school and I'm not even in high school yet... I don't understand why people would say mean comments or threats saying that if you guys don't post another chapter then something will happen :/ They should understand that without you guys here there wouldn't be any of these manga for us!! Well work hard and ignore all of those rude folks! :)

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13 bleachnaruto   (06/Sep/2014 2:56 AM)
or i'll put pressure on you

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12 bleachnaruto   (06/Sep/2014 2:53 AM)
please release another chapter of she's scary manga

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11 Gabby Fallon   (30/Aug/2014 8:26 AM)
Hi!!!! :) I just wanted to say I love everything that you all do!!! You make my life with living honestly..... It's either I'm reading or I'm bored.... Anyways, I just wanted to ask if you Guys were ever going to..... Start on Minahora To Swan, not sure if I spelled that right or not..... Please let me now if yôu guys quit that project so I can stop anticipating on a new chapter :) thank you for being awesome

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10 Jenny   (20/Aug/2014 7:20 PM)
Hello, Roja! I am wondering if you are still active. Thanks for the releases of "I Will Be Cinderella" and "Girl". Tasty Kiwi Scans just posted that "Girl" and "I Will Be Cinderella" are put on hold. They are dropping "Girl". Meanwhile, "I Will Be Cinderella" would be continued after a year or so, as posted on their blog. If you need any help on typesetting, proofreading, or anything, I can help... maybe just not cleaning because I can barely clean, feel free to ask. I just sent you an email on the proofreading test and I am currently working on the typesetter test, but I am a little busy with school just less than a week away so I might be a little slow on getting the typesetter test done. Thanks so much for reading this and hope to hear from you soon! ^u^

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9 booklover   (17/Aug/2014 8:14 PM)
It seems that you have horrible luck with your computer: I am so sorry for what happened and thanks for the update on i will be Cinderella!

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8 jiyoen   (11/Jul/2014 12:45 PM)
When Roja released next chapter of the series "miunohri to swan"?

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7 jiyoen   (11/Jul/2014 12:37 PM)
when will Roja distribute chapter next of the sries ''miunohri to swan''?

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6 nightmoon   (30/Jun/2014 7:35 PM)
It's okay Roja, I hope that everything is going fine with you, we can wait.

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5 katara nancy   (27/Jun/2014 9:55 PM)
get better soon roja

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4 katara nancy   (27/Jun/2014 5:25 PM)
can you make more chapters of she's scary

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3 katara nancy   (27/Jun/2014 5:09 PM)
thanks for giving new chapters of gangster hero

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