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Release' soon!!! Buahaaa!!!

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11 Deizy   (29/Aug/2012 2:08 PM)
THANKS YOU yay RedFox1 RedFox1 RedFox1 RedFox1

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10 Naneomma   (15/Jul/2012 8:38 PM)

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9 shallom   (12/Jul/2012 2:41 AM)
hi!!! im new here RedFox1 thanks for your fantastic work!!

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8 bloodyrose506   (02/Jul/2012 0:00 AM)
Omg!!!! I read 4 of those releases!! Thank you so much for giving us HQ scans!!!!C: definetly worth the wait as always!<3<3<3 Crying Shining Shining Shining Shining RedFox1 RedFox1 ali_101 ali_105 runninghearts Love you guys!:')

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7 Leen   (23/Jun/2012 8:50 PM)
[size=9] Yey! I'm so excited to see it after waiting.. ali_072 I am so happy that I can't stop my tears.. Crying

I love your works, I wanna hug everyone.. hugs

Keep up the good work ROSA NEGRA! ali_061

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6 akira19   (21/Jun/2012 5:59 PM)
thank you so much for your hard work:)
must have been working too hard for two months. . . looking forward for your releases:) ;) Shining
really love you guys and your works hugs
i wish you guys all the best in making your releases soon:) yayayay

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5 Manazyaoi   (21/Jun/2012 6:33 AM)
ali_101 Hope you guys don't work yourselves to hard trying to make the Releases. ali_072 Sadly I must sleep onion56 I guess psh rather not leaf will stalk the site again in the Morning Sneaky GOOD NIGHT ROSE NEGRA HAPPY ANNI! m012

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4 Rosa_Roja   (20/Jun/2012 8:52 PM)
Thank you for your support ali_105

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3 Rosa_Roja   (20/Jun/2012 8:51 PM)
Crying We are working like crazy here haaa just to release this chapters Beggingeyes Crying Crying Crying

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2 Doll0725   (20/Jun/2012 6:33 PM)
KYAAAA THANKS YOU runninghearts

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1 Manazyaoi   (20/Jun/2012 5:36 PM)
ali_061 ohmygawd YAY!!! hugs hehehehe ali_105 I think I am gonna scream runninghearts haha so much luv overflowing RedFox1 Teehee First Comment

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