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1:48 PM
Hey Everyone!
Just stopping by, to let you guys knows we are working in our next release. We are taking a bit more time, since we are testing new Translators. We there any one intrested in helping just send me a email and the test will be send to you guys. But we will be releasing sooon.
Thank you for your patience
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16 TetagVuntee   (19/Jul/2012 3:48 AM)
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15 deergecen   (04/Jul/2012 6:16 PM)
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14 dipttgphe   (25/Jun/2012 6:40 AM) 79157951015 87104192441
Hello. And Bye.

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13 icymini   (02/Jun/2012 4:27 PM)
sorry ali_072 i don't know korean but i like manhwa shine adn i suck at english sweats

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10 An   (30/May/2012 5:01 PM)
I appreciae all your hard work. I was just wondering if you are still doing Become Habituated to Kiss?

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9 raikiri   (29/May/2012 5:01 AM)
hey thankyou for your hard work :) i'm a fan of your work in "ugly duckling to swan" so i was wondering when the release will be coming.

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8 aisthir   (27/May/2012 6:14 PM)
Did you drop the project :Don't cheat on me"It's so good and intriguing ,and you cant predict or guess what will happen,or what the protagonist is thinking, which makes it a very good reading.Hope you continue it..thanks for your work..

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11 Rosa_Roja   (30/May/2012 7:06 PM)
ali_072 No we will release soon from cheat we re working right now in that one , on the translation section the clean is already done.

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7 xXDeathCandyXx   (25/May/2012 10:32 AM)
Beggingeyes thank you guys for the update
I wish i could help somehow

one day i will, but until then thank you guys for the hard work


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6 KElla   (21/May/2012 1:26 AM)
ali_061 Thank you for your hard work! Sorry, but I have no idea on Korean...sorry... Beggingeyes sweats Nah O_o Crying ali_101 grrr

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5 anime fangirl   (15/May/2012 2:21 AM)
when do Miunohri to Swan chapter 20 comes out? i only speak english *cries* ah! the suspends!!! please!!! >_<

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12 Rosa_Roja   (30/May/2012 7:08 PM)
we are translation and cleaning it right now so every soon and alot ali_105

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4 JGirl   (10/May/2012 2:46 PM)
what's your email?, because if you need a proofreader than i would like to help:)

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3 mary   (08/May/2012 0:25 AM)
which stories will be released next?

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2 Manazyaoi   (05/May/2012 4:59 PM)
ali_072 hehe you guys are awesome... Sigh I wish I could help but the only thing I am good at is English.... sweats Well hope the new Translatrs work out.

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