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Hey there Everyone!!

Due to a few problems, we were not able to release as fast as we had wanted to, so without further ado, we will be releasing *twice as much* . We will be giving you the rest of vol 4 from My Boyfriend is a Vampire, as well as some new releases from Rebel and Secret.

Also, look forward to more of our releases and new manwhas brought to you EXCLUSIVELY by RosaNegra!!

In addition, we the Rosas’s want to welcome to our Family, our new Wings Staff, which will be helping us with all our new projects as well as the current ones we already have.
To all our staff, we want to thank you for all the input and hard work you all put into each of our projects and for always giving your all to make each and every release possible!!

To all our readers and followers, thank you for your kind patience and for reading our releases!!

The holidays are nearly here!!! ^.^ And you know what THAT means, don't you…?
With love,
Rosa Roja and RN Staff
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33 Royal Vampire   (25/Jan/2011 1:29 PM)

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32 Royal Vampire   (25/Jan/2011 1:27 PM)

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31 dauscantik   (18/Dec/2010 11:30 AM)
Happy holiday day, Rosa, and everyone...... hopeful, this oliday will more fun than before ^_^ yayayay

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30 dauscantik   (18/Dec/2010 11:28 AM)
What's story of "secret"??? I think, it's interesting also, isn't it| giggle

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29 dauscantik   (18/Dec/2010 11:25 AM)
Thank you.... Crying I've been waiting this series (my vampire is boyfriend) long way........... and now, release, thx rosa Beggingeyes

Btw, how to download or read it? grrr

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28 Jacob   (02/Dec/2010 3:27 AM)
MY Boy friend is a vampire is the best :) Rosa please keep this series forever..

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27 jesssie   (02/Dec/2010 3:25 AM)
Your the best Rosa I love ur manhwa they simply just make my day.... I really hoped u keep updating them.. God bless u..

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26 Chouko   (01/Dec/2010 10:16 AM)
Thanks for the new releases! Also in the hard work and effort you put forth in doing this! love

* Please let us ALL remember not to rush our dearest scanlators and etc.

'Coz without them, we will not have manga/manhwas. Especially MY BOYFRIEND IS A VAMPIRE. We don't want that to happen, right?

P. S. = I'm very sorry for clicking the "bad post" sign. But we gotta learn from our mistakes, so I had to do it.

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25 iris548   (25/Nov/2010 3:47 PM)

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24 iris548   (25/Nov/2010 3:45 PM)
sigh i'm so excited for the releases of chapters of my boyfriend is vampire i can't wait to read it...
that is the most beautiful story of my boyfriend is a vampire i can't wait i can't wait.
my boyfriend is vampire is the number one..hahahahahaha.....

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23 ShadowCat   (24/Nov/2010 10:56 AM)
You should have added an prospect for the delayed releases (like 1.5-2.5 weeks), then there wouldn't be the same question over and over again "When are the releases going to be?" (like that)

I myself (and all others waiting too) will just have to wait for your hard work to be done for these releases (before we can enjoy them!), I guess...

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22 VampireLoverNo1Fann   (23/Nov/2010 7:13 PM)
When are the next releases?!
I really wanna read "My Byfriend is a Vampire" chapters!!!

Please tell me!!!

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21 Jaja_merope   (22/Nov/2010 11:41 AM)
It's Monday already.....

Beggingeyes Beggingeyes Beggingeyes

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20 Beckyree84   (21/Nov/2010 6:21 PM)
Yay I am every so excited to get the new releases. I hope they are posted soon.

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19 Terra   (20/Nov/2010 10:30 PM)
yayyy im so happy for that, thanks guys. i really like those manhwas RedFox1

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18 ShadowCat   (18/Nov/2010 10:34 AM)
And thanks for the great effort you put in the projects RN

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17 ShadowCat   (18/Nov/2010 10:30 AM)
Will be looking forward to it!!!! giggle

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16 ShadowCat   (18/Nov/2010 10:29 AM)
It's been a hell lot of time since the last release Bored

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15 kazuki   (18/Nov/2010 10:00 AM)
Can't wait

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14 bella   (17/Nov/2010 8:28 PM)
I already did 5 posts but i can't download yet Crying
help me roses Beggingeyes

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