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Release #43 | 2nd Anniversary

Yes is that moment finally we are releasing another Anniversary Releases!! Yay!!!
For you staff who work so hard in each of the chapter we are releasing and you all readers who being waiting...

Ha! No worry I'll bring you more on


And we will be ending another project this summer.

So look forward to all of them, cause we are releasing a lot.

Thank you so much for all your support, thank you so much for all your hard work.  Love you all my dear staff! U are the best!!!!

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52 Tika   (24/Dec/2012 6:47 PM)
im so excited for reading ugly duckling to swan, and i did not realise that i done reading it for 1 day... i saw in chapter 19 that mioh and kim dojin were together... im tired for waiting for the next chapter, but i think for two resolution, if they were kiss, first that mioh cant be beauty again right... im really sad... why if beauty mioh kiss, she will turn fat forever... but i really really want it with my 2nd resolution if mioh kissed in her fat form and were kissed with guy who love her so much, that the magic will repel and mioh will be beauty again... wuwuwuwu... :'( plss make this turn happy ending with beauty mioh and kim dojin.. and i really2 hope that they will be friend with eunho...

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51 qerlzgb   (18/Oct/2012 3:51 PM)

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50 jang   (25/Sep/2012 7:43 AM)
I liked manga and manhwa because of my brother actually and now I think I might have read it more than he does. Big thanks to the people who are like working to make these releases. Arigato gosaimasta. Gamsahamnida.

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49 Troumppiegree   (18/Sep/2012 0:37 AM)
I understand what makes both businesses tick.

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48 Deizy   (29/Aug/2012 2:08 PM)
Thank you so much for joining and for readin ali_072 ali_072 RedFox1

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47 Mororhima   (21/Aug/2012 0:18 AM)
Pavell Durov, Russian group networking donates $1 million to Wikipedia.

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43 Rosa_Roja   (21/Jul/2012 1:41 AM)
I got the scan ready to be clean and translated so very soon ali_072 by next month it will be release yay!

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41 plsreleasnaneomma   (20/Jul/2012 8:21 PM)
s'il vous plait release nan eomma

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40 plsreleasnaneomma   (16/Jul/2012 8:43 PM)
Don't understand why it takes you guys so long!

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46 Rosa_Roja   (21/Jul/2012 1:43 AM)
most of our projects, we scan the manwhas, one of our staff buy them and scan them. so that why we take a bit of time.

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39 plsreleasnaneomma   (16/Jul/2012 8:38 PM)
Nan eomma nan appa pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
111 when is it going to come!!!!

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45 Rosa_Roja   (21/Jul/2012 1:42 AM)
we will be releasing it next month, we just got the scans so we are currently working on it. ali_105

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38 plsreleasnaneomma   (16/Jul/2012 8:36 PM)
and meanwhile i was waiting, i got a job :))

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37 Allysa   (15/Jul/2012 7:14 AM)
What happend to ugly ducking to swan? It's been about 151 since the last chapter. Please update soon! I can't wait to read more..!(:

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36 Xx-sakura_chu-xX   (13/Jul/2012 10:36 PM)
thank u so much for all ur hard work. oh and pls release more of advent of snow white to hell

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42 Rosa_Roja   (21/Jul/2012 1:40 AM)

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35 Naneomma   (12/Jul/2012 9:22 PM)
Congrats on your second year anniversery, I'm really happy for you guys, . And i've realized that you guys have been working hard meanwhile i was dumblywaiting for more releses. i wish i could help you guys, but i only know english and french. I know it would be rude to ask you guys to go faster, but i've been waiting almost 4 months for another release of nan eomma. i feel that this manga is just so different than the typical hwang mi ri manga, so i really hope you guys can make a release soon!


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34 klin   (11/Jul/2012 8:59 AM)
Wow I'm so happy I found this site ^^ I loveeee Hwang Mi Ri's works and I'm so excited to read the new scanslations! Thanks for your time and effort! yayayay

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44 Rosa_Roja   (21/Jul/2012 1:42 AM)
Thank you so much for joining and for reading ali_061

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33 michele5964   (09/Jul/2012 7:08 PM)
Super happy with the realeses! ali_072

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32 milkcoffee   (05/Jul/2012 3:55 PM)
Wah!! My favorite Cinderella is there too! :D

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31 Rayje   (03/Jul/2012 9:14 PM)
Congrats! And i really hope for more releases for the mom dad manga, been waiting for awhile. Good luck and thanks for your hard work!!!!!

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30 Yhel   (01/Jul/2012 2:19 AM)
thank u all rosa staffs..

I love u rosa negra staffs.. ali_061

I'm so glad that all of u are working hard in ur projects, tnx a lot
And i hope u finished all of ur works. hugs

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29 Talie   (29/Jun/2012 1:50 PM)
Congrats and thank you for all you hard work bringing us releases! yayayay

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