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Forum » Announcements » Introductions » Hello~! (Another introduction for a newbie, ME! XD)
minahoruDate: Tuesday, 25/Jan/2011, 3:22 PM
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Hello to everyone! First of all, my name is Aisha. I turned sixteen just this 23rd of December. yayayay

So, I joined this forum four weeks ago because I want to read My Boyfriend is a Vampire and Secret ASAP! But because the Rosa Negra is scarce on staff, I decided to apply as an editor since I already had an experience in entropy scanlation. giggle Luckily, I got accepted but only as a typesetter!! RedFox1 I'm so happy because I'm currently working with My Boyfriend is a Vampire. I get excited with the turn out of scenarios. eyebrows

Anyway, I'm not really an interesting person. BOO. tiptip I just love reading mangas and manhwas, watching anime and dramas, blogging, editing pictures, and writing fiction stories. I'm a full-time writer and a sideline photographer. My sports are badminton, swimming, ice skating, scuba diving, bowling, ping pong, and many more! But VOLLEYBALL and BASKETBALL is a big no to me!! SHOUTS I love making friends so much but I get really, really shy~ love

minahoru is a pen name I created as a fanfiction writer. I write at fanfiction.net so if anyone here is a member, then I hope we'll be friends!! Happy The meaning of minahoru is Mikan Natsume Hotaru Ruka. Yep, they are the characters of Gakuen Alice. I'm a big fan of GA!! Nah m015 m022

So yeah, I think that's all for my lousy introduction. I just did this for the sake of meeting new people, other wise I'm really lazy typing in the forum and I think I won't be active at all. I'll maybe just stay active as a staff. m053 School is also in the way~

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Forum » Announcements » Introductions » Hello~! (Another introduction for a newbie, ME! XD)
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