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Forum » Announcements » Introductions » HEY HOW U DOIN'!!!!;) (intros)
justafangirlDate: Sunday, 09/Jun/2013, 0:28 AM
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hey this is an intro so i will make it quick... i.... LOVE MANHWAS!!!!!! runninghearts i cant go a chapter without saying KYAAH!!! yayayay i just get so excited sometimes... also i have a bunch of other friends who love them too basically school peeps(about 10 percent of my school watch anime and read manhwa thats like alot RIGHT!!! nocomment im just saying) i just love having someone to talk about anime and manga/manhwa roll also i kind of make my own little mangas which always turn out.......(sfx: drumroll) AWSOMEEEEEEE!!!!! onion51 i just love those eyes right DIAMONDS there fyi and one thing you should know is that im a lover no haters over here i seriously love everything so haters dont hate cuz I LOVE HATERS TOOOO!!!! m015 yeah im that kind OF PERSON( not really im not gay....) and i want to ask if i could host the site im sure i would make a GOOD HOST RITEEEE m138 i wont hunt you down i will stalk you geek ( im the creepy guy who stalks peoplez in mangas but a female version and not otaku looking) cuzz i would like to help this site with something please let me help reply back please bow i would be grateful if you did.wait.... I MADE IT LONG PORQUE!!!!!!!! onion09 (porque means why in spanish fyi i am not mexican WHY AM I MAKING IT LONGER!!!!! onion11 )
Forum » Announcements » Introductions » HEY HOW U DOIN'!!!!;) (intros)
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