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Forum » Announcements » Introductions » Hello!!!
blue-yDate: Tuesday, 10/Apr/2012, 6:31 PM
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Hello there!!!

I came to this site as I was tracking down "She's Scary"! I was a huge fan of manhwas created by the likes of HMR and HYR years ago, then somehow formed an aversion to their works (maybe because I was reading too much of their work within a short time span, hence i somehow got 'sick' of them), but recently been having this craze for their works again! So here I am! Shining

Am a huge huge a fan of manga, manhwa, manhua, anime, and can spend obscene amounts of time on them. To the extent that I abandon my school work... sweats
Yes, i'll lazily admit that maybe I am addicted. Just maybe.

Anyway, i am just dropping a hello to everyone on this site! Looking forward to what I can do here.
Huge thank you to all who bothered reading this post! ali_101

Post edited by blue-y - Tuesday, 10/Apr/2012, 6:35 PM
Forum » Announcements » Introductions » Hello!!!
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