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Hello all of you!
JillerDate: Thursday, 01/Mar/2012, 1:07 PM
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Well, since I registered myself just now, I thought to myself: why not introduce yourself while your at it?

I joined up here because youre scanlating My Boyfriend Is A Vampire (yep, Im a honest-to-good leecher, Im sorry sweats <- great smileys by the way!), but I think I will stay around anyway. I love all kinds of manga/manhwa, especially good shounen / shoujo (Ai-Ren and Berserk are two of my favorites, the list is too long to go into it though).

Other hobbys, hm:
Traveling australia at the moment, love to go out with my friends here. I like playing computer games and reading books (normal books). Thinking about getting a skydiving license. Thats about it.

Any questions regarding my person (as long as it doesnt get too personal) I will gladly answer :)

To a good time!
Forum » Announcements » Introductions » Hello all of you!
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