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eye543Date: Thursday, 04/Apr/2013, 5:42 PM
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Hello! I've made five posts.
  • Games: http://rosanegra.ucoz.com/forum/24-128-33
  • Hwang Mi Ri: http://rosanegra.ucoz.com/forum/18-1416-1#12517
  • First Manga: http://rosanegra.ucoz.com/forum/18-80-13
  • The Wallflower: http://rosanegra.ucoz.com/forum/18-125-2
  • Totally Captivated: http://rosanegra.ucoz.com/forum/18-1252-1#12520

It went by really quickly, and I enjoyed it. Sorry that I'm a bit of a prolific writer...

I really appreciate your translating and cleaning and scanning and proofreading and QC-ing and EVERYTHING you guys do because you're awesome. Don't forget that.
Forum » Announcements » To Download our Releases » Cinq Posts
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