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Meant to Be Chapter 03
RosaAzulDate: Monday, 25/Jul/2011, 6:34 PM
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Disclaimer: I do hereby disclaim all rights and responsibilities for the characters. They belong to their rightful owners.

Warning: Story contains out-of-character-ness.

\-\-\-/-/-/ \-\-\-/-/-/\-\-\-/-/-/ \-\-\-/-/-/

Chapter Three

The woman gave Kagome and Kirara a heart-warming smile. The woman, known as Midoriko, turned to her former companion said in her quiet and melodic voice.

"It's been a long time, Kirara. I see you've found Kagome."

Said one opened her mouth to say something but closed it right away. Kirara transformed back to her small kitten form and meowed in delight to be able to see her former mistress again. Kagome looked down at Kirara and then back at the woman.

"Who are you?" Kagome asked the woman who wore traditional miko gab under ancient armour.

"I'm Midoriko and a miko, so you are." Midoriko replied, giving Kagome a small smile.

Confused with the woman's declaration, Kagome said.

"Miko? Aren't miko just like fairy tales? I mean true mikos with the power of purification don't exist anymore, do they?"

"No, they aren't. Miko are still existent but very rare. In your world, because there are no demons left to purify, so there was no need of a miko. You however, are a miko just like me. After all you're the one the Jewel has chosen after it was created." Kagome stood there, stunned of what Midoriko just said, just like Kirara.

"Chosen one? Jewel...what Jewel?" asked a puzzled Kagome with wide eyes. Midoriko chuckled lightly at Kagome, and said.

"You are probably wondering why you are here, right?"

Kagome nodded and put Kirara on her lap as she sat down. Midoriko started to explain.

"The Jewel was created a long time ago. Kirara and I fought against youkais for days. Until one youkai devoured other youkais as it went and absorbed their youki, making it even stronger. Then it got me in its jaws and was about to kill me. Then I gathered the last of my remaining strength, forced out its soul and my soul from our bodies. I died, but our souls combined to create the Shikon no Tama, the Jewel of Four Souls. It happened in my final battle."

Midoriko stopped for few minute, looking at Kagome to see if she had any questions. Kagome timidly asked, "You said the Jewel chose me, what does that mean?"

"I did. I had known before that the battle would be my last and I knew what will happen. I knew the Shikon no Tama will call those who crawl for more power. In addition, it will grant them the power they search. If it happens then the world will not exist as the way it is now. The people will live world full darkness. I could not let something like that happen. So I decided that I'll send the Jewel to another world for safe keeping."

Midoriko looked up to the sky, giving Kagome time to think about that she just said. Midoriko then got more comfortable and started again

"After my decision, I could suddenly feel the power of miko, your power Kagome. It was the purest I have ever felt. I believed it was best to send the jewel to you. "

"After the Jewel was created, it was transported to you. To my pleasure it accepted you as its protector, for that I am glad. However, I didn't expect the Shikon to merge with you." Midoriko then turned to Kagome, who looked horrified after listening to Midoriko, and gave her a smile.

Kagome blinked rapidly at the miko. She looked up to the sky and tried to sort her thoughts and questions. Sighing, Kagome turned around to face Midoriko, and then she said,

"I don't know what to do. I mean I had never miko training before and I do not know how to control the power, you gave me credited for. Moreover, I do not know in what kind of time, world, or dimension I am. I am afraid; I will not be able to accomplish this. In addition I might be sixteen, but I have the appearance of an eight year old girl."

At that, Midoriko only smiled at Kagome. "Child, don't worry about it. I am here, aren't I? I'll teach what is necessary." Midoriko assured Kagome.

Kagome opened her mouth to protest, "But Midoriko-sama it'll take years for me to learn everything. What about when I am not capable to learn things? What if..."

"It is time to begin something new and you just have to trust the magic of the beginning. And don't worry about time; I can take us to a place where time does not matter," Midoriko interrupted Kagome.

"I see." Kagome said. Midoriko stood up, summoned her power in her palms and then she clapped her hands over her head. Just when Kagome blinked, they were already somewhere else, definitely not next to the well in the forest.

Both Kagome and Kirara, who was silent during the conversation, looked up to see Midoriko smiling at them. Kirara jumped off Kagome's lap.

"It's time for you lesson." Midoriko reached out her hand for Kagome to take and she did.

\-\-\-/-/-/ \-\-\-/-/-/

In this place, Midoriko taught Kagome in the art of healing with her powers and herbs, creating barriers, using her purification powers/abilities. As a miko, Kagome had the ability to manipulate the elements. It had always been very difficult to control nature, but Kagome did manage it. They were lessons for Kagome's miko power. After a year in this place, Kagome finished all her miko lesson. She now was a real trained miko.

"Kagome, child the world you were with Kirara is a world of ninjas, who live in hidden villages throughout the countries. There are different kinds of ninjas. Those are ranks, which shows you how strong and experiencing a ninja is."

Kagome nodded her head for Midoriko to continue her explanation. Midoriko continued about the world she'll be living in, about the chakra system and how it works, about ninjas and their ranks, about the different kind of jutsus and their function and about the kekkei genkai, special abilities that work via the user's eyes which are called dojutsu, a genetic ninja ability that utilize the eyes.

Kagome trained with Midoriko for three more years. During the training, they discovered that Kagome possessed a dojutsu kekkei genkai. They called it Kyohakugan. The Kyohakugan was a black seven-pointed star in the middle of its user's eye. They found out it had the power to copy enemies' techniques, controlling their body, see through genjutsu and finally it allowed the user to control time, be it freezing the time or seeing to the past of a someone or a place and what has happened to it.

Before Kagome and Kirara left the place, Midoriko reminded them, "Remember what you have learned here. Be careful. Do not fear the shades. They mean merely that nearby somewhere a light burns." She gave her a gentle kiss on her forehead. It was a sign of love among one's family.

"Thank you for everything, Midoriko-sama." Kagome bowed deeply, she then picked up Kirara. At that moment, Midoriko slowly faded away with a smile on her lips.

Little by little, the forest came to view. It was already late afternoon. Kagome let Kirara jump out of her arms then said, "It's late. We should find something to eat and a shelter to sleep. We are in a forest, so I think that will not be a problem. What do think, Kirara?"

'I agree. I'll go and hunt for us.' Kirara answered and then added, 'You do not need ask aloud. Just speak in your mind while thinking of me and I will hear you. It'll be our advantage, should there be an enemy near us.' With that, Kirara left Kagome.

While Kirara went hunting, Kagome had found a place where they could rest before their journey would begin. Midoriko has said they were only three or four day away from the Land of Water.
Forum » Other » Stories » Meant to Be Chapter 03 (Inuyasha-Naruto-Crossover, Itachi/Kagome)
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