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Kitty1217Date: Tuesday, 13/Jul/2010, 6:47 AM
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HELLO to you people!

Welcome to the Story section of RosaNegra.

Here, you can post Stories you, yourself, and only you have written. They are some rules though so that their wont be problem.


1. When posting a new thread for your own story, In the description, please say what Genre, and Rating it has.

2. When commenting on the stories, don't flame, if you are going to flame, do it in a nice way.

3. When stories are too long to be posted here, please give an website to the chapter/story so that we can enjoy it.

4. Please comment here or in the website which is given (if given), which ever is to your liking.

You can post any type of stories here, you just have to say the genre in the description. For example. Some people might not like some genres like Yaoi or Yuri, so they might not enjoy reading your stories.

So now! Please go and enjoy reading and posting stories! yayayay

Have Fun!

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3flowersDate: Sunday, 27/Feb/2011, 8:03 AM
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Um.. I don't post my storys on other websites, so what would I do?? Just not post post it?
Forum » Other » Stories » Welcome! (Rules and Explanation)
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