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Meant to Be Chapter 02
RosaAzulDate: Saturday, 12/Mar/2011, 11:22 AM
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Disclaimer: I do hereby disclaim all rights and responsibilities for the characters. They belong to their rightful owners.

\-\-\-/-/-/ \-\-\-/-/-/\-\-\-/-/-/ \-\-\-/-/-/

Chapter Two

–oOOo– Flashback –oOOo–

On the battle field there stood a woman with her sword in her, facing hundreds of demons. She had long raven coloured hair tumbled down her back to her lower thighs. Her form was curvaceous and perfect in every way. Midoriko had old looking armour on with a sword tied to her hip. Underneath the armour, she wore a red hakama and white haori.

Kirara was to her left in her other looking like a giant mountain lion. Midoriko was the only miko, a priestess with the power to purify demons with one touch. They had travelled from village to village to help and protect people from demons. Until one day, they came upon a village that was being destroyed by demons.

Before her mistress went to fight the demons, she turned to her and said, "My friend this battle will be my last with you. I will not be able to survive. I cannot change my fate. In the future, you will find a girl who resembled me a lot, for she is reincarnation. Please protect her; she is the key to protecting the people from devils that will come." Kirara understood what her mistress was saying, and willing to do as she had said.

They both turned to face the demons that made their way towards them. Kirara assisted her mistress in their battle against demons. During the battles, Kirara got hurt, as the demons surged to kill Midoriko. Midoriko seeing Kirara's wound stood in front of her and protected her from demons that wanted to harm her friend.

It seemed like the more Midoriko killed the more demons showed up for the fight. Six days have passed and the battle was still raging on. She was getting weak. The constant battles, little to no rest, and no food was taking its toll on the powerful miko, but still she fought on.

Then, on the seventh night of the battle, a lone youkai was making his way to Midoriko. He was devouring youkais as he went and absorbing their youki, making himself even stronger. What finally faced Midoriko at the end was a giant youkai made up of about 100 lower class youkais. Their bodies were combined into one, as were their powers.

The youkai moved forward, trying to kill the powerful miko, as she fought to protect the lands. The youkai had gotten her mistress in its jaws and was about to kill Midoriko, when she gathered the last of her remaining strength, and started to glow a pure white in colour.

Kirara watched in horror as her mistress power surged forth. It encircled her body and the youkai that had her trapped in their jaws. She grabbed hold of the youkais souls, and pulled them towards her. Her own soul answered the call as it surged forth and encased the youkai souls in a crystal jewel that came out of her chest.

The force of the jewel being created was so great that it created a hole in her chest where her heart used to be. It made a hole in the armour she was wearing as the jewel landed on the ground. Kirara saw the Jewel and went to it. However, before she could take it, the Jewel glow, then flew to the sky, and disappeared in a flash of light.

Kirara roared her pain into the sky for having her mistress taken away. Kirara travelled around the land for more than 500 hundred years, searching for her mistress' reincarnation, her new mistress. Never had it crossed Kirara's mind to abandon task.

–oOOo– End of Flashback –oOOo–

Kirara remembered that day as it just happened yesterday. Kirara was losing her hope in seeing her former mistress reincarnation. When she passed a forest in search of food, it was when she felt Midoriko's power. Kirara's heart beat faster and faster as she came closer to her former mistress' power. She arrived, but to her disappointment, she saw no one, only an old well. Slowly Kirara approached the well and Midoriko's grew stronger. She then jumped into the well, lading softly on the button.

She looked around but she could not see anything. Kirara tried to scrape away the dirt to get to her mistress. Realizing it was useless, she let out a meow full of sorrow. She lay down and curled her body together. It was when she felt her mistress approaching near the well. Kirara raised her head, hoping to see her mistress. Nothing happened, so Kirara meowed again, then again. Then suddenly a girl leapt out of nowhere surrounded by a blue light.

Kirara looked up to see a girl who really resembled her former mistress, long black hair, and sky-blue eyes. She did not look older than ten years old. She wore a black hakama and a white haori, a bag on her back and she carried another bag in her hand. Kirara watched as the girl gasped when the girl noticed her; however, Kirara just continued to stare at the girl.

\-\-\-/-/-/ \-\-\-/-/-/

It was when she saw a cream-coloured small kitten with black stripes around the lower legs and tails, and solid black paws and tail tips. The kitten also has a thin black diamond on its forehead, and large red eyes. She gasped, blinking rapidly as she stared at the kitten. Kagome felt as if she knew the kitten in her previous life. Kagome gradually bent down to the kitten, stretching her hand out to the kitten. To Kagome's surprise, the kitten slowly approached her.

As if knowing what to do, Kagome smiled warmly at it. As she petted its head, Kagome spoke, "It's been a long time, Kirara. I hope you were doing well." Kagome did not know why, but she felt it was true. Her smile widened as she heard Kirara purred her contentment. Kagome then stood and dusted off the dirt that covered jeans. Kagome stopped dusting her jeans when she realized how short her arms are. Looking at herself, Kagome found her appearance of a ten years old girl. She groaned, but she could not change that now. She had learned to accept things as they are. 'After all everything happens for a reason' Kagome told herself.

Kagome turned to Kirara and asked, "Kirara, do you think you can take us out of here?" In a burst of red-orange flame, Kirara transformed from innocent kitten to a flaming mountain lion. Kirara bent down for Kagome to climb on her back. After Kagome sat comfortably on her back, Kirara then leapt up into the air. Once they were out of the well; Kagome then slipped off Kirara's back.

Kagome looked around the area. It was very beautiful here. The forest was thick and it was rich with wildlife. Kagome noticed it was already afternoon. Suddenly in a flash of light, a woman appeared before her and Kirara, shocking both. When the woman opened her eyes, Kagome could see the reflection of her own.

WillanderDate: Sunday, 01/May/2011, 12:58 PM
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I found chapter 2 and it is even better than chapter 1 please is there a chapter 3 I want to know what happens.
RosaAzulDate: Monday, 09/May/2011, 4:06 PM
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Yes there's a chapter 3 and it will continued. Don't worry :D
Forum » Other » Stories » Meant to Be Chapter 02 (Inuyasha-Naruto-Crossover, Itachi/Kagome)
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