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Meant to Be Chapter 01
RosaAzulDate: Friday, 11/Mar/2011, 8:56 PM
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Disclaimer: I do hereby disclaim all rights and responsibilities for the characters. They belong to their rightful owners.
Summary: Kagome, a Cinderella in modern day, walked through the compound of the shrine. Kagome heard a little 'meow' coming from the small building; wanting to help the kitten, she entered the building. However, Kagome had not plan on falling in the well.

\-\-\-/-/-/ \-\-\-/-/-/\-\-\-/-/-/ \-\-\-/-/-/

Chapter One
After losing his first wife, Mr. Higurashi often went on trips in order to forget the pain. One day he came home with a woman and a little girl who was about Kagome's age. Kagome's father introduced them to her grandfather and her. The woman had a small smile on her lips when she looked at her grandfather and her. Then she turned to her father and said how wonderful it will be to have a family and Kagome's new sister even mentioned that it would be great to have a new playmate. On hearing, Kagome's heart beat faster. Kikyo, her new sister turned to her with an evil glint in her eyes. Kagome mentally shivered at the look she received from Kikyo.

Before Kagome could say anything to her father, the woman kindly remained her father that he should go if he does not want to miss his flight. Mr. Higurashi kissed the woman on her cheek then left without saying goodbye to his family; he made his way to his car. Holding back a sigh, Kagome gave the woman her attention. She hoped to have a kind woman - like her mama - to be her new mom, despite the look her new sister had given her.

However, she was disappointed because Kagome's stepmother was anything but friendly and nice. She was vicious. Immediately after her father was gone, the stepmother sent Kagome to the kitchen, where she will sleep from that day onwards; she should not only clean but the house and cook for the whole family as well. Should Kagome refuse to obey, then the stepmother would punish Kagome for her disobedience – using her whip. In addition to that, she forbade Kagome not to eat for an amount of time - usually one or two days.

Kagome promised herself not to cry; she wanted to be strong for her family. Grandpa Higurashi tried to protect his beloved granddaughter but Kagome who understood her grandfather intention, shook her head and told him not to worry. She assured him she can take care of herself. It was not good for his health to do that. Life went on and many years passed.

\-\-\-/-/-/ \-\-\-/-/-/

Almost ten years had passed since the second marriage of her father. Kagome's life had got worse after the death of her grandfather. He died of a heart attack when Kagome was only ten years old. He was the only person who comforted Kagome when she was sad. He was the one who cheered her up when she was close to give up. He was the one who guided her when she did not know what to do.

Kagome had called her father on his mobile phone to inform her grandfather's death. After hearing the news, her father had told them to wait for his return. He had booked a flight ticket toJapan. The family had waited but Kagome's father never came to the funeral. A report of a plane crash happened in the news. On hearing about a plane crash, Kagome's heart stopped beating for a few moments before she let a heartbreaking scream. It was the flight, which should bring her father back toJapanto attend her grandfather's funeral.

After her father died, Kagome came under the care of the stepmother by laws. She could not do anything for she was too young. Since her father had left no will, everything belonged to her stepmother.

At school, Kagome had no friends. They knew Kikyo hated Kagome with passion and the others did not want Kikyo's followers to bully them. Kikyo told them, Kagome was just a house cleaner who lived with them because her mother was a kind-hearted woman who just wanted to help Kagome. Kikyo was very popular with the boys and the girls. She was the queen at school. She was the cheerleader captain where Kagome only was a member of the art club or any other 'boring clubs', in Kikyo's eyes of course.

Kikyo always wore the latest design in fashion while Kagome only got her old ones. Kagome's stepmother made sure to dye the clothes before handing them over to Kagome. Kagome always grimaced when she look at them because the other students always harassed and made fun of her because of that. Kagome however, paid no mind to that.

Kagome never got pocket money or anything from her stepmother. Sometimes she wanted to buy a book or something that had caught her eyes; she could not do that. Therefore, Kagome decided to look for a part-time job after school and to her luck, she found one. Kagome worked as a waiter in a small restaurant every day after her training. Kagome was nice and friendly to all costumes and they really like the lovely girl. The owner of the restaurant treated her like his own daughter. He taught her many dishes for that Kagome was thankful. Sometimes there were dishes from other culture.

Lunchtime was the only peaceful moment that Kagome would get at school. She always sat in the library reading books different kind of genres. She just loved to use her imagination to flee in the world of books. Books had always built up her hopes for a different life than her current one. They made her believe that everything will be all right as long as you follow and listen to your heart.

Not having friends gave Kagome the opportunity to train martial art. In just about two years, she had mastered swordsmanship, archery, and all kind of hand-to-hand combat. She had found a Katana at the shrine. She had asked her grandfather about it and if she could train with it. Kagome's grandfather had let her know, he did not see anything wrong if she took it to train.

She usually trained when her stepfamily slept. She was careful to go far from the shrine to train, afraid they would hear and beat her for wake them up from their beauty sleep.

Lately she got a feeling that her life will have a turn of 360°. However, she shrugged the feeling away because she knew her life would not change for the next two years, when she turned eighteen. Until then, she would concentrate on school - to get a good job later- and her part-time job to save money for the travel she had planned after the death of her father.

\-\-\-/-/-/ \-\-\-/-/-/

After an exhausting training day at the dojo, she went straight home. Normally after her training, she would go to work but not today, she was just too tired to do anything else.

Unlike Kikyo who like to show her flesh, Kagome chose to wear long clothes to cover her tender flesh from public's eye. Just like any other day, she wore long jeans and a white blouse. On her back was her school bag that contains her schoolbooks and her flute, a gift from her grandfather when she turned nine. On her right arm, she carried her gym bag.

As she walked through the compound of the shrine, Kagome heard a little 'meow' coming from the small building. It was full of sorrow and Kagome felt it was calling her. She thought it was strange for they did not have any pets at the shrine because her stepmother despised animals.

She got a warm feeling as if she would meet an old friend of hers. Curious to know, Kagome slowly approached and opened the door. Peeking through the door, she looked around but saw nothing. As she turned to leave, she heard the 'meow' again. Brow furrowed she went down. Nothing, she saw nothing but an old well.

'There's no way the kitten is in the well, but where else could it be then?' Kagome thought. When she was at the well, she went with her hands over the edge of the well. Then she heard the 'meow' again, this time she was sure it came from the well. She bent down to see if the kitten was in the well. When she looked down, she could not see anything but darkness.

'Maybe I should go down and spring it out of the well.' Kagome sat on the edge of the well considering going down.

"KAGOME!" her stepmother's voice startled her. In the state of her shock she did not realised as she fell in the well. Unexpectedly a blue light surrounded her. It was so bright that she had to close her eyes from the brightness. She landed softly as she opened her eyes fully to see where she was. It was when she saw...

WillanderDate: Sunday, 01/May/2011, 12:50 PM
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Will it be continued I think it was really good except for going very fast, but the last part was really good so I want to read more what was the blue light where did she go please tell me! shine
Forum » Other » Stories » Meant to Be Chapter 01 (Inuyasha-Naruto-Crossover, Itachi/Kagome)
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