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Beatiful guy
Rosa_RojaDate: Sunday, 15/May/2011, 0:43 AM
Post: 337
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Hey Everyone!

How are you all doing, just stopping by to bring you another release on

[Go here to Download]

With this release we start and finish another vol.

I thank all your great comments in our latest new manhwas. And as we promise this is one of those surprise releases we will be doing while getting ready for our Annv. release.
I wonder which manhwa will be next buahaa.

To our amazing Angel~Wings Staff: love you guys for your hard work, and for always giving your all to each of our projects.

And to all our readers, thank you so much for all your patience and support!!

Comments/feedbacks and post are always welcome.
Enjoy it dear readers

With Love

AngyDate: Thursday, 19/May/2011, 7:21 PM
Post: 6
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I love this manhwa very much. Casually found it on other site, but has forgotten where. Therefore it is madly glad that you undertook it. Wait with huge impatience. Beggingeyes THANKS for your hard work bow
Forum » Announcements » Announcements » Beatiful guy (5-14-11)
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