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Forum » Discussions » Manga/Manwha » Korean Novel: Moonlight Sculptor (Translation of the first volume)
Korean Novel: Moonlight Sculptor
hariseldonDate: Thursday, 12/May/2011, 1:32 AM
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Synopsis: The master of flattery who will pour praises upon NPCs if it will get him one more copper coin! The avatar of hard work who is willing to hit a dummy without rest for 1 month in order to gain stats! For Weed everything and anything he does in the virutal reality of Royal Road is related to his one goal.

Make money, become number one and use the fame and power to make even more money. Enough to say goodbye to poverty forever!

What he doesn't know however is that fate has another thing in mind for him...

- One of, if not the most popular game novel series in Korea, Moonlight Sculptor follows the development of the main Character (Weed) through his trials and tribulations. Through the story so far he has picked up new friends, admirers, and devoted enemies aplenty from his time as the terror of the Continent of Magic (A game he played before starting RR). A character who overcomes impossible odds through sheer hard work without relying on any bugs or balance breaking items! Read this and you won't be disappointed!

Here is the translation of first volume:

ArielDate: Wednesday, 15/Jun/2011, 11:38 PM
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Viva! Odd Squad is going to tranlate MS! Go here.
Right now they are uploading the text version of the official translation...

Desejo que sejas feliz!

Post edited by Ariel - Wednesday, 15/Jun/2011, 11:39 PM
Forum » Discussions » Manga/Manwha » Korean Novel: Moonlight Sculptor (Translation of the first volume)
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