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Mekakushi no Kuni
JiNXDate: Thursday, 29/Jul/2010, 2:09 PM
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Mangaka: Tsukuba Sakura
Volume(s): 9 (complete)
Genre(s): Drama, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural
Summary: "Mekakushi no Kuni is the story of high school student Outsuka Kanade who can sometimes see a person's future with a touch, and transfer student Naitou Arou, whose ESP is limited to past events. When Kanade glimpses an unfortunate incident coming, can she change it? She soon befriends Arou, who's no novice — he can turn his ability on or off at will, even using it to see an object's "memories." Are these teenaged seers of the past and future made for each other? And who's right: Arou with his "hands off" policy about meddling in people's lives, or Kanade whose more proactive stance has already had unhappy consequences? "

This happens to be one of my favorite manga. It has a pretty intriquing storyline, amazing characters, and beautiful artwork. The feel of the story has its dark parts, but it also has those warm heart-felt parts. It's a good mixture of both, which leads the manga to being one of the best I've read. Not that I have anything against 'happy-go-lucky' manga, but let's be honest.. not everything is all 'happy-go-lucky' and Mekakushi no Kuni has more of a "real" feel to it because it shows the dark side of people too. It also deals with overcoming fears, anxiety, and the fact that they're quite different than most people. I really love this manga and it's definitely one I'd recommend checking out.

kizunaDate: Saturday, 28/Aug/2010, 10:32 PM
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I reaaaaaaaaaaally love Tsukuba Sakura work
the art is sooooooooo cute
Mekakushi no Kuni has my favorite by her
for those who have not read ... I recommend love
I felt somewhat sorry for another guy I cried a lot Beggingeyes
Katsura89Date: Sunday, 05/Sep/2010, 3:10 PM
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shine This manga is too beautyiful and the characters are so lovely^^
I love you Arou!!!

Added (05.Sep.2010, 6:10 PM)
Mekakushi no Kuni is a very beautiful manga! The character are lovable and are always trying to help the others because of their power which allow them to see the futur (for Kanade and Namiki) and the past (Arou).
Sometimes I find the story very sad the main character, Kanade hold herself the other's misfortune...

As Namiki is concerned, I think it's my favourite character. He is a little sadist and like to tease Arou about Kanade (Arou's girlfriend). At the begining, he can seemed a little heartless but he's also a sad story... His family rejected him because of his power...

To conclude, I will say that this manga is beautiful despite of the sad scene and I recommend it to everyone!

3flowersDate: Sunday, 27/Feb/2011, 7:37 AM
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it was such a beautiful manga. love
Forum » Discussions » Manga/Manwha » Mekakushi no Kuni
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