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The Scarlet Chair
JiNXDate: Thursday, 29/Jul/2010, 2:08 PM
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Mangaka: Midorikawa Yuki
Volume(s): 3 (complete)
Genre(s): Fantasy, Drama, Romance, Shoujo
Summary: "A girl, Setsu, goes in search of her childhood friend Luca, a prince, when she finds someone impersonating his identity... She's determined to find him (Luca) at all cost."

Another manga, I find quite intriguing. The storyline is absolutely fabulous and very unique. The artwork is - by far - some of the most beautiful I have seen. All the characters have unique and interesting personalities. I'm truly looking forward to reading more of this.. I'd like to see what actually happened to Luca.. if Setsu ever finds him.. and also to see the intriguing people she meets along the way. Also, I have to say, Setsu is by far one of my favorite manga characters. Strong, extremely determined, has no fear, brave, skillful.. and yet, despite dressing and acting like a boy most the time, still has 'womanly characteristic' (emotionally/mentally). I've always been a fan of strong female leads.. because honestly.. I absolutely hate seeing female characters being all 'frail and weak.' Sorry to say.. but not all woman are like that. Anyways, if you haven't checked this one out.. you should definitely at least take a glimpse of it.. And if you have read it, what did you think of it?

KaiLeeDate: Thursday, 09/Jun/2011, 1:48 PM
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Looks good. I will give it a try. Thanks. yayayay
Forum » Discussions » Manga/Manwha » The Scarlet Chair
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