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7:35 AM
Release #23
Hi there everyone!!

Good news~! We're gonna start releasing!!!

This will be the first release of the many we have planned to do between this month and next month.

This one is just a ch to finally finish vol 4 of 'My Boyfriends is a Vampire!'

After, we're gonna be releasing two whole volumes of the same Manhwa!!! (excited? )

Also, with this release we welcome our new staff and new projects!!

Love Bullet
Lover Puzzle
I like a Beautiful Guy
She's Scary

... and more on My Boyfriend is a Vampire!!

Become Habituated to Kiss
I Will Be Cinderella
Oh, Chunja Chunja! High School Bullying
A Love in 100 days
Surviving a Rebel
Advent of Snow White of the Hell
Princess Just For Me

..and a new manwha called "Girl", a joint with Tasty Kiwi! Now that we have more staff, we will be releasing more!! It will take some time in some since we will be doing our releases in volumes, so we can give you more in every single one of these great manwhas!! (I hope you're ready ;) )

To our amazing Angel~Wings Staff: love you guys for your hard work, and for always giving your all to each of our projects.

And to all our readers, thank you so much for all your patience and support!!

Comments/feedbacks and post are always welcome.
Enjoy it dear readers

Happy Reading!!

With all our love,
Rosa Roja and RN STAFF

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36 Wishingstar   (20/Apr/2011 11:22 PM)
yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yayyyyy soooooo happy right now THANKS SOOOO MUCH!!!! love

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35 heenasarhadi   (08/Apr/2011 3:25 PM)
hi, i m heena.
i like (i bcom cend). shine shine shine [color=purple]

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34 Melo   (26/Feb/2011 1:01 PM)
Thanks ~

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33 mangafan   (22/Feb/2011 7:34 PM)
Can't wait to read the next chapter of love bullet and secret ... thanks for all the hard work . yayayay

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32 JUENYEN   (16/Feb/2011 8:49 AM)
NI GIMN Sih cr download nya

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31 mae   (04/Feb/2011 5:37 PM)
OMG!!! you will be soon releasing two new volumes of my bf is a vam? not ch? HORAAAY yeahhah Oh dear rosa stuff thank you so much! may i know when do you plan to release the 2 new vol? eyebrows

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30 kimerald01   (02/Feb/2011 9:54 AM)
hello... thank you for the your hard work.. I really like My Boyfriend is a vampire... I'm really looking forward to its next release..... I Love YOu gUyz..... Mwuahh.. Thanks for the release,..

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29 Sekomi   (29/Jan/2011 10:34 PM)
Thanks a lot for all your hard work shine
I find it amazing that all of you have the patiens to make this all possible thanks for all the time you guys offer for this love you all love

PS: I'm lokking forward to your next release, can't wait for it RedFox1

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28 Paige   (29/Jan/2011 11:35 AM)
i cant wait for my bf is a vampire !!!!!!!!!!!!

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27 Royal   (28/Jan/2011 12:33 PM)
Hi there everyone who has problems with downloads shouldnt have them because of this ---> Read

Ran and Roja changed it so that everyone can read them for the time being RedFox1

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26 Rosa_Blanca   (28/Jan/2011 10:28 AM)
woo hoo~~~

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25 Salyna   (28/Jan/2011 4:30 AM)
Can't wait for more releases on my boyfriend is a vampire, when are you guys planning to edit it on anime cd?

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24 Manazyaoi   (28/Jan/2011 3:43 AM)
Crying I Love You Guys I really liked Loyal Kiss but the new site is more than great love Really Happy that She's Scary is being continued one of my favs shine Well Good Luck and thanks for the releases My Boyfriend is a Vampire looks good as well yayayay

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23 Yuzuki   (27/Jan/2011 6:09 PM)
I'm so glad that ya released the 16th chapter from My bf is a vampire this manga is so great is ne of my favorites one good luck with the translating and cleaning the rest of the volumes RedFox1 hope ya will release them soon.....can't wait! shine yeahhah[/color]

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22 FayFay   (26/Jan/2011 5:46 PM)
Omg, the new "My Boyfriend is a Vampire" chapter is cleaned SO well, its so pretty. Kudos to whoever was the cleaner on it!

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21 ruth   (26/Jan/2011 3:18 PM)
wow!!! Im so excited!!! thank you for all your hard work!!

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20 mary   (26/Jan/2011 9:17 AM)
waaa thank you soo much, I really can't wait to read advent of snow white and become habituated to kiss, and oh chunja chunja and she's scary ahhhhhhh so many great mangas, anyway thank ou soo much for all you're dedication...

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19 KiraIqa89   (26/Jan/2011 9:04 AM)
Yay!! yayayay
Thank you so much!!
I will be looking forward to seeing the next release!!

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17 deiyaa   (26/Jan/2011 4:37 AM)
happy for you guys and for me Crying

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16 himynameisjade   (26/Jan/2011 1:22 AM)
YAY ! RedFox1
im so excited, can't wait for the new releases ;D !

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