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Meant to Be Chapter 04
RosaAzulDate: Monday, 02/Jan/2012, 2:05 PM
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Disclaimer: I do hereby disclaim all rights and responsibilities for the characters. They belong to their rightful owners.

Warning: Story contains out-of-character-ness.

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Chapter Four

It has been four days after the incident. Kagome, with Kirara on her shoulder, was walking through the foggy forest. While petting Kirara Kagome asked, 'Kirara can you sense somebody?' Kirara shook her head 'no'. Their view grew clearer and clearer as they continued walking through the forest.

To their delight, they could finally see something; a small family house, set not far away from a river. Kagome blinked in surprise when she heard someone laughing. As she came closer she could see a boy, though she was not sure, because the boy looked beautiful.

He was playing with the water. Kagome was positive that he was a carrier of a kekkei genkai. She made a move towards to see more clearly, trying to make as little noises as possible.

He had shoulder-length black hair, his skin was pale, and he had dark-brown eyes. However, before she knew what happened, she was surprised to see the boy turned to her direction. Brown eyes met sapphire-blue eyes.

The boy went to Kagome with a shy smile on his lips. He stopped in front of Kagome and said.

"Hello. I am Haku. Are you lost? Why does your kitten has two tails?" He then tilted his head to one side, waiting for her answer.

"Hi. My name is Kagome Higurashi; it is nice to meet you and no, I am not lost. I was just passing through. Ah, Kirara is a special breed." Kagome replied.

"Oh. Then you sure don't want to play with me?" he asked sadly, looking down at the ground. He did not see Kagome staring at him.

'D-Did he just ask me to play with him?' Kagome asked Kirara, making sure she did not hear things. 'Yes, he did. Why do you look so surprised?'

'It is just no one had ever asked me something like that. They all avoid me as soon as they saw me. There was a time when I had a friend, but it was not a true friend.' Kagome stated in fact. However, Kirara could sense the sadness when Kagome said that.

'Don't worry. The boy meant what he said.' Kirara comforted Kagome. 'I guess you're right.'

"I...I'd be honoured to play with you, Haku." At that, Haku flashed Kagome a bright smile, you could see the sparkle in his eyes, and Kagome smiled back. He took her hands and led her towards the river. Haku stood next to the river and showed Kagome his new-founded ability. "Look Kagome-chan, isn't it fantastic?"

Kagome chuckled at his enthusiasm. 'Kagome, someone is coming this way.' Kirara warned. Kagome turned to see who was coming their way. It was a woman. She had long black hair and brown eyes, Kagome assumed she is Haku's Mother. Kagome's body stiffened at the woman's horrified expression. 'Oh-uh, it doesn't look good, does it?' she asked Kirara. 'No, it doesn't.'

"HAKU!" screamed the woman at her son. Looking at his mother, Haku proudly showed his discovered ability to his mother, too. "What-What are you doing?"

Haku just looked at his mother confused. "I was showing Kagome this." he said, water was floating between his hands. The woman, beyond angry, yanked Haku away from Kagome and was about to slap him, but Kagome came between them and her cheek came in contact with the woman's hand.

Kirara whined at the contact, while Haku panicked, seeing Kagome's red cheek. Touching her cheek, Kagome looked back at the woman and said calmly, "As a mother you shouldn't hit your own child, no matter what he does."

"Haku, come." Haku's mother commanded, pulling him towards their house. "B-But mother, Kagome...she -" Haku squawked.

"Enough." His mother said in her steady voice. Haku looked at Kagome with sad eyes, saying something that sounded like 'I'm sorry'. Kagome shook her head and waving her goodbye. The Kagome turned to walk into the forest. 'That was strange,' commented Kagome. 'There was something odd the way she behaved. I'm afraid something bad will happen.' Kirara replied with concern in her voice.

'You feel it too, Kirara? I think we should go back, making sure nothing happened to Haku.' Kagome turned and ran back. She only arrived to see Haku standing there, looking down at his hind. "...Haku?" Kagome whispered. On hearing Kagome's voice Haku looked up to Kagome, tears pouring down his in-blood-covered cheeks.

Kagome approached Haku, touching his shoulder, and then hugged him. "F-f-father...he...mother...dead...he...kill...I..." Haku hold onto Kagome's blouse with a death grip not willing to let it go.

"It is all right. Everything will be all right." Kagome comforted Haku, petting his head. 'Kagome, look over there, the house.' Kirara whispered staring at the sharpened pillars of ice.

Kagome did as Kirara said and gasped at the sight. 'I see. So that was, what happened. He has no family now. Do you think I should adopt him?'

"Haku," Kagome hesitated, watching as Haku lift his head to meet her eyes. "Do you want to come with me? I have no one but Kirara." Haku seemed surprised and very hesitant at Kagome's question. Seeing that Kagome added, "However, if you don't want to…, then it's fine."

"You...don't hate me for what I did? Can I really come with you? I mean...I've..." Haku sniffed and wiped away his tears. He tried to avoid eye contact with Kagome but she cooped up his face and looked in his eyes. Wiping the new tears with her thumps, she smiled at him.

"Of course, I always wanted to have a little brother," She assured him grinning.

"But," Haku persisted. "I mean, aren't you afraid of my ability, as father did?"

"No. Why should I? I think it's a wonderful gift, because you can protect the one you love if you have trained hard enough." He seemed pleased at her answer, and then he murmured an 'okay'.

"Come, we should go and find you new clothes because these are torn" she said, pointing at his shirt.

"Haku, now that we're family, why don't you take my surname, Higurashi. That makes you Haku Higurashi." Haku nodded, gave Kagome a beaming smile. Kirara meowed her welcome and then jumped on Haku's shoulder, rubbing her head against his cheek lightly. Then the Higurashis walked away and headed towards the next country.
Forum » Other » Stories » Meant to Be Chapter 04 (Inuyasha-Naruto-Crossover, Itachi/Kagome)
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